Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Lovely Camp.

Another 4 hours, I am going back to camp again.
Firstly, sorry for blogging so late.
In case you don't know, my STUPID INTERNET LINE just keep lagging for this 4 days, I can't even online properly, it only showed 3 out of 5 for the line receiver. I was surfing the net till I gave up. GERAMJIKU!
So, in the camp, I did actually jot down my weekly routine, my journal.

Before that,
My name is Yap Ling Sze, as you all know but they call me Ling instead of Ling Sze, they said is hard to remember. My index number is BP 205, BP stands for Bilik Perempuan, 2 stands for dorm 2 and 05 is the fifth one in dorm 2. Dorm 1&2 are in Kompeni Alpha! So I am ALPHA! And my camp is at Kem Setia Ihlas, semenyih selangor.

First week.
It's a Sunday. My beloved family came to visit me with Yong Tao Fu. I was dutying that day because of first week is Alpha's turn. I in charged of the main door in registration with FULL CELORENG. It was the whole set of army suit, we called full loreng. JL, jurulatih usually punish us by wearing full loreng because it is heavy, hot and troublesome. The first week we were all busy for the KKJ, Kontrak Kita Janji. It's some kind of assignment and the first group work we got. We had to set our group name, visi and misi and draw our flag and finally present it on stage. I was trying to help by correcting their bm but firstly they kinda like didn't wanna listen or look down on me till one of them found out I am a straight A's student. Some of them lar, I mean some of the malay, they were quite proud and rude, at the beginning lar. I helped to sew our flag and created our group cheers. The first week itself I got my leg muscle. As what I showed in fb picture, my dorm is really super high on hill, it made me to hate my legs man. The first week, when they start to march, I REALLY HATE IT MAN! They didn't know how to march at first and those moron keep doing it wrong and hit my hand, so I really gave up and not in the mood to march at all. Shame shame, I cried once on 18.5, cant bear of my leg's allergic, and made me get my homesick! But still, I thanks my friend for caring and trying to help me. NO worries, now I am totally recovered. =)

Third Week.
Didn't blog on the second week, miss out.
It was a Saturday morning and I was waiting for breakfast which mean 6 something in the morning. We started many activities, theory for canoe, started to march. I became darker due to the marching lesson. And, my allergic became more and more serious which annoy me a lot. For your information, almost everyone here get allergic on skin part, just type of allergic different only, happen worse for me, who have got allergic history. Went to medic twice and got the medicine. The pills they gave is really effective but too bad, sleepy after you take it. I can even falling asleep when I was standing. Some of my friend went back home, the one who made me cried is Liew Chian Voon, the girl who was in the same dorm with me but she was forced to go back because she had this backache, forced to differ it. Enjoying. I actually like my group friend, ALPHA! They are nice compared to the others, worse. Parents didn't come on the Third Week, they went to Hong Kong. Made new friends as some of them went back. Sick, sorethroat and fever.

Fourth week
Just came back from Nalanda. The place we go every sunday for buddhist prayers. It's a super AWESOME place, like 3 star hotel. The only thing that surprised me is we eat hot dog and fishball as lunch, I thought its gonna be vegetarian's lunch? Know how to manage the time there, use time wisely for sleeping. Hehe. Every night we had small briefing, called Roll-call. We can share our problems among us and teacher, and friends. And we actually did tell our problem and thank god they are solved. I become tanner and one month passed. There was this night, teacher actually called our index number to go onto the stage, teacher was saying why aren't we appreciating and bla bla, scolding all the way. I was so shocked and scared, keep asking friend what happen and for sure nobody knows. Suddenly they pop out with Birthday Song, scares me man. They celebrate May and June birthday together. Although it's just a simple celebration, but it's really a great and awesome memories for me.


Going back soon.

Ciao darlings.

Take care.