Saturday, December 31, 2011


They said you can only improve when you set goal for yourself. So my resolution will be my goal as well. Haha. Today is the last day of 2011. I have too much thing to tell. It's sad when another year just flied away.

2011's resolution, I checked it and surprisingly I got most of it.
So I decided to have another list for 2012.

2011 =)
1. Gain more weight. TICK!
2. Get P license. TICK!
3. NS in second batch. TICK!
4. No piano exam. TICK!
5. Shop every week. HALF TICK?
6. Enjoy college life. TICK!
7. Allergies gone. CROSS! 
8. Everything goes right. HALF TICK?

Yes, I gained weight but sadly I lost half of it. *sob* I shop like once a month? Haha, still failed. Erm, allergies gone is kind of impossible so I just give up. Everything goes right is also kind of impossible. Haha.
So, what's the resolution for 2012.

1. Still, gain more weight. xD
2. Got straight A's for my A Level.
3. Figure out what to study for degree.
4. Have sports more frequent.
5. Follow my timetable.
6. STOP SLACKING around.
7. Peace at home.

Thats all? I think those are the main one which I think is more important for me. It's new year so I gonna get a new clothes for my blog.

Happy New Year everyone.