Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of 2010

LS's 2011 New Year Resolutions

Seems like everyone is blogging about resolutions, but then surprisingly I dont think I have much. 
Let's see!

I hope,
I can gain more weight! 
so that all the uncles and auntie wouldn't ask the same question anymore!!

I hope, 
I can get my P licence soon!
so that I can drive around, PLAY!

I hope,
My NS would be in 2nd batch!
so that I can enjoy it because I am not going if it is 3rd batch!

I hope,
No piano exam this year!
Piano exam is always scary!

I hope,
I can go shopping every week!

I hope,
I can enjoy my college life!

I hope,
My all kinds of allergies would recover and would not come back anymore!

I hope,
Everything goes right in my life!

That's all I think.
Hope everyone's wishes come true!


Monday, December 27, 2010



My room is now cleared.
Yesterday late night mum walked in and opened my closet to clear my clothes.
Packed few bags of worn out clothes.
But mummy said no more stock in because I still have lot of new clothes.
Eeeee, how can?! (Although it is true. xD )

This morning packed booksss!
Packed ALL the BOOKSSS out, my racks now is EMPTY!
Threw all the rubbish and papers away.
Left only 1 box and 1 stacks and 1 packet of book for dear brotherrrr!
Haha, it's your turn now! 
Promised to give sofea some books, but still got many left.
Anyone wanna borrow can ask from me, I will help you if I can. *wink*

Looking for jobs since I am not going Jan intake.
Or else I will be wasting 3 months time.
Any suggestion? Any nice work for me?
Contact me ya, I am serious. =)

Badminton tomorrow.
Countdown plan on New Year Eve.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Although I dont celebrate but MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
Here's our GREAT GREAT DINNER tonight! 

Mum prepared all these!



RED WINE! Our favourite!

Let's SQUEEZE!! >.<

Messy hair. 


Friday, December 24, 2010

What I did on Christmas Eve?

First of all,
We are now big girl and big boy,
dont have to worry about us anymore.
No matter what you want, I SUPPORT YOU!
We Love You! 

Went to Neway yesterday to celebrate mum's birthday. Stupid brothers didn't follow, elder one went BBQ with friend, 'gathering party'. And younger one worse, stay at home because he said singing K is bored! NO HEART!! So parents brought me and Pearly there. Bet she was nervous and felt awkward at first. I saw k? *BLEK* But after some time, who cares hor? She sang like nobody is around, although still feeling a bit shy, but still, shouted and sang with me. Haha. Two MAD Ladies!! Mum said she geh geh si, know how to sing but shy pulak. HAHA! Blek! Anway, thanks for accompanying me, and hope you have fun. =)

Samuel, Abby, me

Naughty Daddy's hand!


Pearl Tea. xD

It was GREAT! Haha. My instructor, Uncle ALEX is actually a totally uncle, (his name doesn't suite him at all, xD ). He drove me to Menjalara. I drove the same path for dont know how many times, passed by uncle's house for thousand times! It was fun and excited at first but quite bored after that. I hate the stupid big hole in the middle of road! Can somebody go and fix it?! I had problem on predicting the space so I kept drove into the big hole! Then uncle said I can actually avoid the hole. Ish. 
 It died twice when uncle taught me how to stop and move on hill. 
Conclusion, IT WAS FUN! xD

Looking forward for the next class, next friday!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Annual Facial

After Emily told, seriously I find it quite funny. Before SPM and during SPM, we are busy blogging, me, sharon, min hua, almost everyday will post. But then after SPM, I have no idea what we did and we seldom update our blog. I wonder too, nothing to blog? Why har?

Actually I am preparing a long post and maybe a video recently. Well, I wanted to start yesterday but have no idea so, give me some time. I need to plan what to do. 
Video better or a long post better? 
What do you think?

Great, woke up early today to return book. And as everyone knew, today is Winter Solstice Festival. Mum was busy preparing food and stuff to pray. So I asked brother to fetch me to school. School was so abnormal silent, and I am glad that we do not have to go back again!! Emily saw those students buying books and said pity them, HOW TRUE!! Muahaha. I am free from school! ( But then more to go...)

Friday is mum's birthday and she planned to go sing k either tomorrow or friday. Dont asked me why she planned but not us, I have no idea. She used to ask for what she wants so we just keep quiet. =)

Went to facial just now. The aunt is SCARY! She actually fixed my face, I mean cleaned my face. She pressed everything, yes I mean EVERYTHING out. So my face now looked so scary, red, swollen, and UGLY! Need few days to recover. And of course, the process is SUPER PAINFUL!!! She said only this time it will be pain, next time if I go just need to maintain. My god, I had this phobia already, see when is my 'NEXT' time. Haha. Another thing, she talked to me when she was pressing. I was so in pain, and forced to answer her, avoid from being rude. FORCED TO REPLY. *sob* Now, give time to my face k? So if you meet me, just assume that I wasn't there or you didn't know me. And, I wouldn't simply go out dont worry. Hehe.

Thats all.
Will try to update everyday, emily.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Christmas!

Free to blog because planned to go KLCC today but didn't managed to make it. =(

Yesterday went to midvalley with my family and 'sei gat zat' and brother's friends for the education fair. It was so crowded, a lot of students plus parents. We walked through the whole place and asked around. The staff there were busy giving off all kinds of papers, forms and booklets. I took all the information that are related to Dentistry and Psychology, at last got a whole packet. So heavy man.

After that, we shopped around and I went to MPH, wanted to buy books but then my Cecelia Ahern haven finish yet. Two more to go! I wanted to buy new books! Hehe. And sooner, my snickers? slippers? shoes? were spoiled, opened mouth. So daddy bought me new shoes! Hehe. Meet my new shoes. ( actually is quite expensive, hmm... ) Changed into the slippers and continue!

Photo session!!
The decorations in midvalley were so nice! How come this year there are so many BIG TEDDIESSS!! Aww, they were so lovely but hung on the christmas, SO HUGE!

 Tron 3D Movie.
She looks so blind. =P

Btw, TRON SUCKS! Eeee, what movie is that? Everyone bring a disc on their back. I understand nothing from the movie. Ish, warn my friends, that movie sucks! I almost fall asleep in the cinema. 

New babe! 

So many things to go through. 

Remember to return books tomorrow. *SMILE*


Friday, December 17, 2010

Back From Genting

Back from GENTING! xD

First of all, thanks brother for fetching us to 1u. At first wanna sit cable car but kar yee said it's closed so we had to take the bus. We reached there in the afternoon, the weather was cooling but not cold. Enjoyed it. Went into theme park on the first day itself.

We tried the Space Shot at night. The weather was SUPER COLD! Before that, we tried the sungai rejang thing, we were ALL WET! And when the wind blew, I WAS SHIVERING!!! Thinking of going up to dont know how many meters high, must be very very COLD! But still, I wanted to try it! So I entered with sharon and tim. Till we sit on the seat, going up, I felt nothing when sharon was nagging saying VERY SCARED! Till we reached the top, heard the PSSSSTTT... sound, it was freaking scary!!! It's like you dont know when it is going to fall down!! As everyone told, you didn't even have enough time to think,but then FUN though. xD

She is very very very CUTE! 
She said hi to me!! 
And shook her little hand!! 
She friend kissed me!

Weather was so cold, till when I wrapped myself with blanket, with jackets, socks, and fan offed, still SHIVERING!! Sleep on the hard bed, quite difficult to fall asleep but then still managed to sleep. After woke up, saw sharon's lion hair, I laughed like mad. Her hair was like aunt's type. Haha.

Rush back home at 2.20pm. Very tiring.
And, lazy to blog already.

Photos on facebook.


Monday, December 13, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow

People, what happen the day after tomorrow??!
First of all, our tradition-badminton after the last paper.
Followed by GENTING TRIP,

Wooow, it's MY HOLIDAY and FREEDOM!

Best of luck, all chinese exam candidates!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Day

Went to Jinjang visit grandparents this morning. Long time we didn't go there and they were kinda miss us. Grandpa's eyes are having problem and grandma as usual is very forgetful. She can offer us food after we refused for 5 times and we understand and used to it already. But talking about that, grandpa at home, dad's dad is starting to have the same problem as grandma- starting to forget a lot of thing and add on, his ears are not that good as grandma's one.

Meet uncle there and we were talking about MY FUTURE. He told me some benefits of going form 6 but I dont think I am going form 6 though. I told him I dont know how to choose between Dentistry and Psychology. His point of view is the extreme part of dentistry is the surgery part, he said it is very disgusting and gross because he saw the pictures where the jaws are opened to remove the whole teeth because of cancer and you see the flesh and blood from the whole mouth where his dentist friend showed him. It was quite scaring when I heard that but then, after he told, that is only for 3 years during practical because after that, when I work in private dental clinic, this kind of serious case would be done in hospital so I dont have to worry. Just the 3 years if I can stand of it. *wondering*

Have to seek help from sir. HELP ME! Those courses and questions are ANNOYING!

Going to shopping later.
Have to bath. 


Thursday, December 9, 2010


Welcome to LS's blog!!

This is the second new layout because the previous one was a bit too 'flower', till I myself couldn't bear it. Hehe, this is better, isn't it? 

Well, went for amali talk just now with sharon, 6 hourss of talk! But actually it was better than the undang one. We had 2 hours and more in the class and another 2 hours and more outside the class to learn about the car. It was quite fun. My first impression to the speaker- strict and fierce + a bit racist, because of what emily told. But then after he started his class, maybe he is not the one? Although his joke got a bit lame, but still managed made me laugh for once or twice. 

I prefer the outside lesson. I laughed at them who managed to drive or I mean move a bit then when teacher said stop, they straight away release the crush and what's next is engine died. Haha. SEI FOR! I know what you are gonna said next, I will be the same next time and I knew it. Just cant stop laughing. Hehe. Sorry. Had lunch in a dont know what stall because Old Town is now... What happen to Old Town ya? xD Btw, finally it's over! Looking forward for my L and driving lesson!

Currently very into High school musical songs! I miss them! *hearts*




Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day After SPM? xD

Gonna blog everyday again...
As you know,
SPM IS almost OVER!!!!!

Although some papers I really screwed up,
and actually kinda worry for them,
It's holiday!!!!

Actually I am still having chinese paper lar,
talk as if like SPM is really end.
Going amali talk tomorrow,
min hua's house on friday!!!

And what's coming up next?
It's whole bunch of fun and activities!!!!!


Friday, December 3, 2010


Since everyone blog, then... I blog too! =)

Exam is going on.. well? Overall they were still okay, maybe we haven reach the killing subjects, and they are coming soon!!

Did silly mistake in my physic paper 3, dont know how many marks gone there. My graph and the table. DIE. Not to think of it, it's OVER! (But seriously quite worried for that, should have done it correctly. Haih.) But since it's over, should work hard for the following paper instead of worrying and do the rest of the paper badly. ADD OIL! =)

Finally, we got the NS news. In fact, Vei Hung texted me few days ago to ask for the NS sms number but I forgot. Yesterday I was so tired and planned to sleep earlier. Suddenly received Vei hung message said that NS news is out. For sure, I was so nervous and rushed to the laptop. Mum was sitting beside asking what happen? I  said NS news is out. Then she looked so calm which was out of my expectation, she said no need to check lar, I knew adi, you are not in the first batch. (Giving me sad face) I was like, WHAT? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME???!! Then she said I scared you will feel disappointed. Lol. What and what?

Then she told the whole story. She said when she was in office today, she was wondering when will the ns be out, then she called the number to ask, the officer told her it was already out. Then the girl helped her to check my IC and told my mum. My mum was so suprised and straight away called Aunt Grace (Zhen Earn's mum) to ask whether she get the news. Zhen Earn is not in the first too. And guess what? The two aunts had some plan going on, thinking not to tell their son and daughter, scare we will be sad and affect our exams. Lol, what does this do with our exam? For sure, my friend was effective enough! Haha.

After we got the news, excited and spread the news all over facebook. Some of them got first batch! I was so envy, I mean I AM so envy!!! And WONG KA LYE!! She got first batch and SABAH!!! Mummmmyy... I want that, that is what I want. Now my NS stucked in the middle, ruin all my plan. Ish. Of course called sir to ask what should I do, and he advised me just go for the NS and start college after that. Eeeee, I am wasting the 3 months before NS adi!!! Haih. =(

The happy thing is, 3 more subjects to go!!!! Wohoo!! Too many things to do after spm! Cant wait for that! My license, genting trip, eat, shopping, play!!!!! xD

Okay, should back to study.



Friday, November 26, 2010

3 Subjects Done

Oh gosh! I miss my blog so so much!

Well, finally this stupid SPM started 3 days ago.
All the papers are okay but I am kinda worry for my history paper.
I had problem on my objective, as usual and,
I was like writing and creating my own stories. 

Btw, the first day of exam I was so so so nervous.
But now slowly I am used to it already.
Now, what I hope is stupid exam faster END!!
I cant wait for the LIFE AFTER SPM!!!!
I got so so so much thing to do!!!

Shall back to studies. =)

18 days more,
for SPM to OVER!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm really SORRY! =(

Allow myself to blog today,
because I attend TWO SEMINARS today,
which took me 7 HOURS sitting on the chairs!!!!!
So, even though I blog,
still not that guilty.
(but now the guilty feeling is on the way.)

Went to Mr. Pang's party yesterday. Had an accident, I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY VERY VERY VERY SORRY TO YOU, CHEE KUAN. Do accept my apology. I felt very guilty. *sob* It happened like this, I went to the centre because I didn't know where was ckuan's house. So I called her and she said she would fetch me. Then, when we were about to reach her house, she drove quite fast and accidentally bang her own gate and caused her car's signal or the lamp to broke too. I am so so sorry because IF I didn't request for fetching me, she wouldn't have the accidentally just because she was nervous that we will be late. SO SO SORRY! 

The party!

Photo of me! =)

Outfit of the day.

That's all.
(actually there are more but, I shy!)

9 DAYS MORE TO SPM!!!!!!!!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

The Very Last Day

Finally, settle all the photos and comments.
Free to blog now.

Today was our last day of school. I mean the OFFICIALLY LAST DAY! Tomorrow onwards we would not be going to school anymore and one week later, it's our exam already! Early morning it was raining, we couldn't have the proper assembly in the tapak but having it in the new hall. We had this Majlis Restu where we were suppose to go around and shake every teacher's hand to get blessings from the teachers. Of course we were crazy taking pictures too! =)
Click Graduation Day


Let's Jump!




I sat with her for the past 4 years! =(

Last of course, this thing. =P

Beside, celebrated Sharon's birthday yesterday. It was a surprise to her! I hope she enjoyed. =)


Love one!

Great, when they said we do not have to go to school anymore. I seriously felt so scared and freaked out. It likes SO SUPER NEAR TO SPM!!! Today, we arranged our tables and chairs for SPM. I am sitting behind, the second last one. I was talking to Chung that I wanted to sit in front because it doesn't look so scary when you cant see everyone. Now, when I looked up, I can see EVERYONE AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! So if I couldn't answer and looked up saw everyone was writing and scribing, I WILL SERIOUSLY FREAKED OUT AND PANIC! Sob. God, help me!

Talking about god, today we had this blessing ceremony where the monks came. The thing that really pissed me off is why cant the students respect a bit? I mean even though they are not really into what they are saying,    just respect them and keep quiet right? Playing with the strings they gave and trying to make all kind of jokes! STUPID! ( Dont misunderstand, I am not a Buddhist but a Taoism, just felt that they are so RUDE! )

People, same for me,


Monday, November 8, 2010


Out of no where feeling like blogging.

Study half way, quite bored and sick of it!

Recent news- Grandpa is now back at home! 
He is emitted into hospital for the past 3 days because he had some urinary problem. So for the past 3 days, we took turn to go to the hospital to take care of him. I only went twice because wanna stay at home to study. Out of my expectation, there are quite a lot of Chinese nurses there. I told mum and she said that is a Chinese hospital, Tung Shin Hospital. The nurses there was quite cute, enjoy their job I guess? They always joke with us. And knowing my grandpa, his malay and english are cacat, the most funniest thing is he talks malay to a chinese nurse! I laughed my tears out because just right after I looked at her nametag - L.L Siew, and grandpa asked him ' Bila boleh balik?' Haha. Thanks god that grandpa is now okay, safe and sound!

Yesterday went to cousin sister's kindergarten. They are having concert yesterday so she asked mum for help, to help those kids to make up and so, mum asked for my help. At first I didn't wanna follow because wanna study but I was having headache yesterday, so go and help since I cant study. We reached there quite early but around 4pm, all the kids came. They were so CUTE!! but yet noisy. There is this Cikgu Doris, a Chinese teacher, being so fierce and shouting all the way to shut them up. Haha. Kids nowadays are really quite SCARY! But the way they sit quietly wait for you to make up, to apply eye shadow for them is really cute! Fighting, shouting, crying, chatting, showing off, this is what we do in kindergarten ya? Haha, had to tell them, fight again later I draw pig on your face, make till very UGLY! Then only they keep quiet and gave the innocent face. Ish, sat there for how many hours, once I stood up, back pain like mad. POoor thing. *sob* But I had fun looking at their innocent face, talking the childish thing, looking at me, calling me teacher pulak, looking at their friends face after make up and laughed. Haha, the feeling is great!


Okay, should back to study.


Saturday, November 6, 2010




好啦,很肯定的是,你的记忆力好得吓人!什么东西都记得咧,厉害! 很诚实的说,我不记得你在哪里和我要签名,而且我还没有替你签到?真是抱歉,只是想要你们多了解学长学姐们,不是特地不睬你啦。如果要给毕业感言, 朋友们当然是舍不得,但让我最不放心的就是你们一班PPS。 拿到了这个职位,负的责任当然大,要担心你们纪律不好,又怕你们不听话。 大家最能感受到PPS精神的时候,就是运动会和去camp的时候。被抽中去参加国民服务,我是很开心,但最近才想到可能不能参加明年的运动会,不能到学校给你们打气,不能去学校看你们练习替你们加油,不能和你们一起流汗,一起晒黑,真的很伤心。放心, 现在你已经学会走直线,记得要教学弟学妹们,替美琪分担责任, 把PPS的精神传下去!我知道操步是很辛苦,而且结果很不公平,但是要记得, 重要的是过程!如果我可以的话,一定一定会回去替你们打气!PPS的将来就靠你们了!我知道你们不会让我们失望的。

紫莹,其实从去camp到现在,你已经进步很多。我记得那时你不够自信,不敢和别人讲话,不敢看对方的眼睛。但是现在,经过朋友们的鼓励,你的信心应该最近不少。 你很善良,很乖,但是记得要小心,不要让别人利用你,遇到不喜欢的东西要勇敢说不,要有自己的主见。不是每个人都会珍惜你的善良, 千万不要让别人欺负,世界不是那么美好,要关心自己!你脸臭臭真的很吓人,要多笑,什么事情都可以解决的。



Thursday, November 4, 2010

20 Days

My blog gonna forget me!
Didn't blog for so long, till I dont know what to write!

Today is kononnya, the last day of school. Actually we can still go to school next week as the principal said, the school is always open for us. But then, most of us are not going to school anymore, we choose to study at home. Pn Low said if our house's environment are not suitable for us to study, we can go to school to study, aww thats how nice of her! We appreciate it but I can only study at home, as all my friend know, I am a well-knowned mulut murai! Hehe.. So sorry my friend, I have to be a nerd at home. =)

Since today is the 'last day', for sure we took lotsss of photo. Photos are all on facebook! =)

Our 'mama' xD

Ai-ya Ah kor for two years. =)

So, tomorrow onwards are holidays for Deepavali, and study leave.
20 Days left.
I really cant imagine what will happen.

Finished history seminar just now, almost 5 hours. I was so sleepy and so tired. Really sick of seminar!! But 4 more to go! Haih. *sob* Thanks Siva for teaching me the sejarah, luckily I have him as my teacher, if not, me, so forgetful person wouldn't be scoring A for my History. He said now is not too late to study, as long as you did work hard, as in VERY HARD! Spend almost all the hours to study. When he was talking about that, my eyes really stared at him and kinda envy. I AM GONNA DO WHAT HE DID! He said he never believe to relax at the last minute, last minute is the time to STUDY!! For once, I kinda respect him as a teacher. (not really like him because he used to be too proud and like to show off infront of the students, the most important, he doesn't respect WOMEN! ) Thats another story for that, we shall talk about that next time...

Last badminton on coming saturday...
Looking forward. =)


Sunday, October 31, 2010


Back from seminar, super long hours seminar, took me 4 and a half hours sitting on the chair, butt pain. *sob* The seminar is actually quite useful with condition we have to study again because all he gave is only question and questions. Have to revise everything again. ADD OIL! 

Actually quite sad, looking back the photos on farewell party. I remembered me and wen ting used to be crazy during the precious farewell party last two years. Even though it was not our party, but we took the opportunity for photo session. Used to took lot of crazy photos but now, it was our last year to take these photo. The background and the setting of library are still the same ( a bit different), the one that was keep changing is the people in the photo. So sad! Last time, we used to ask the seniors not to cry, we'll miss them, they must come back... But now, we are the one who are leaving. =(

Last year's party, when we were singing 'You Raise Me Up', Steph started to cry and when I saw her cried, I feel like crying too. Looking at the AJKs, most of them were crying! Made me felt worse! Faster look at the ceiling to stop myself. After that, still I cried when the video was playing. TAN WEI NIAN is the one! And he promised me wanna come back this year to see me cry, LIAR! Hmph! 

BBQ night, I have no comment, everyone enjoyed then enough.
But still, there were something that I dont wish to see that made the night not as perfect as what I thought.
I know it's a characteristic but still...
I dont really like that night!
Of course we did have fun playing, spending time together...
Ended up me, my brothers and his friend ONLY washed the court till 12.30am!!!
And the rubbish left cleaned by ONLY US!
It's a form 5 farewell party? Yeah...

Dad signed my report card today,
he said GOOD!
What the?!
Made me more sad and guilty.
This is my dad, when I didn't even do well in exam, He wouldn't scold me.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for listening to me pouring water to you.
Till you can't sleep, sorry! Hehe..

SPM in 23 DAYS...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Farewell Party

Finally after 1 week. Didn't blog for so long. I really not use to it. I MISS ME BLOG!! =(

Well, after 1 week, there were so many things happened. But then, the MOST important one, of course, is our FAREWELL PARTY today!!! I skip school today but purposely go to school at noon to attend the party. The party was GREAT! Thank you so much guys! We appreciate it. As you all can see, many of us cried. Even our juniors cried so badly, Jeat Yinn and Carmen dont be sad. We'll miss you all too!

Some photo to share.
For more, check in on facebook. =)

I have no idea what's happen with the hand.
but the other one she was having a VERY SMELLY face,
so I chose this. =)


The presents...

Checked back the photos, found last year's video!
Another touching video!

Wanna share it but error.
So we'll keep it for next time.

You all did a GREAT JOB!
The party was AWESOME!
Looking forward for tomorrow's BBQ. 

Got back the report card just now,
kinda disappointed with my results.
I mean, I can do better but I am  not doing it.
it's too late so I have to look in front!
24 Days to go....