Friday, February 26, 2010


Today was a holiday,
but we had marching practise in school.
And again,
I was late. =(
I think im gonna have this cant wake up sickness...
Finally we did the formation today,
and still there is a lot more to improve.

A lot of homeworks waiting for me..
What is the teachers actually thinking??
It is only ONE DAY of holiday,
and they gave homeworks for ONE WEEK!!!
what to do??

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Most Unlucky Day

As what I wrote as title,
today is the most unlucky day!!

I woke up late at 7.15 in the morning, because I was doing kerja amalan laporan the last night. Couldn't wake up today and grandpa came up and woke me up because sharon was waiting downstairs. So sorry. =(
As we reached school, we were already very late and we were the special one because we were considered late to school. 3 marks will deducted from our 100 perfect mark. Sob... =(

During the second period, Jia Xin came and told me that Kumar wanted to see me. I was so shocked and I asked her to repeat again. Haizz, then I went to the discipline room. Mr. Kumar was not that mad compared to that day but he still wanna see my parents. He said he was not angry or nor blaming us, he just want our parent to know what's happening.

We did this segak today and as usual I couldn't do some and teacher was very strict. Once our position was wrong then we are not counted. =(

Finally, there was something that I can be happy with but still it was a bit unlucky. My bc essay was chosen by teacher for some competition I think but I have to copy the whole essay again because I wrote it with pencil. =(

Bad things go away, from today onwards GOOD LUCK will come to me!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Day Before School Start

We had a plan today, which is going homevisting (again) in our gang. We started at 3pm in the afternoon and the first stop was sharon's house. We got to play her wii while waiting for the others. There are many games but unfortunately emily recorded sharon when she was playing the boxing game. She looked so funny!!
Sharon was boxing!

Then the next stop we went emily's house. Still they were gambling and gambling... Then we went kalye's house, min hua, joel, and michelle's house for dinner. The curry mee that her mum cooked was so nice and delicious but it was a bit spicy for me. Anyway, it was NICE!!! Then we went back to my house.

At first they were playing and singing downstairs. Then suddenly the electric current went off. Haha, we was looking for candles and torchlight to light up the house. Then, I forgot who suggested to have a walk outside because inside the house was a bit warm. So we went out. Dad said it was because the wire near the corner house snapped so they had to off the main switch to repair it.

After while, the thing is repaired and everything back to normal again. They started singing and also..GAMBLING.. Then the girls said they wanna go to my room so I allowed them. After awhile, the guys started to rush up to my room too!! The door was locked and stupid me go and unlock it because I wanted to keep my jacket and dont know why the girls were laughing all the way inside.

After I unlocked the door, the guys started rushing and they started to fight with the girls. My bears and pillows were thrown everywhere, and can see them flying here and there. Then they started the pillow fight. Poor sharon was wrapped inside my blanket and was thrown up and down and even hit by pillow from the guys. Haizz, so as you can imagine, my room had became a mess. Then Min Hua was scolding all the way and they started to pull teik man's pant off.. Boys, Childish ma.. What to do?? Then they went to brother's room and broke the mirror. =.=
Pillow Fight- Part 1  Part 2 Part 3

That night, we prayed. There were fireworks everywhere in the sky and it looked so nice!! The two boxes of fireworks that dad bought, one went off in the half waym another one was okay but the police came. They really useless lar, came to take angpao, after that, went to another house again. I thought teacher teach us to be amanah?? Haiz.. Malaysian's police.

Anyway, I enjoyed very much that night.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Today is the first day of CNY,
As usual,
we went to the temples to pray.

The handsome baby!!!

Check out his hair.. It's totally NATURAL!!

Smile =)

They found some tadpole.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reunion Dinner.

Woke up kinda late today,
help mum to prepare stuff.

I cut this.

Mum cut this.

It looks like an umbrella huh? xD

This year reunion dinner,
we went out to restaurant because mum suggested it.

Dressing up...

During dinner.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine's Day.

What is happening? Haih...

Im speechless now, just everything will be fine.

Anyway, I specially wanna thanks him for doing all these for me, I apreciate that very much,


And sorry because you got scolded from teacher...


Wish everyone to have a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR...

Monday, February 8, 2010

A normal Monday

A school day...
Oh ya sharon can walk like normal today,
that means we dont have to rush to school again,
just because she cant walk fast..
clap for sharon..
's LEG!!
Went to this kewangan meeting today,
only three of us..
I got the bendahari post. =)

Tuitions and homeworks...
Lisan and oral tomorrow...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shopping Day

I overslept today,
woke up at around 10.45am,
mum came in to ask me to go shopping,
because I was fed up as I cant get any suitable clothes...
Mum convinced me to go so I went.
We went to Time Square,
and as usual it was quite packed because it was a Sunday.
Mummy and me shopped around and dad was being the 'ahmad'..
He bought us drink, bought food and carried the bags...
I get to buy some new dresses...
so it was worth to sacrifice my time..
Because lately I got not enough time,
Can someone donate some for me?

Cant wait for New Year...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shahrul is Decaying...

Early in the morning, I saw a small cockcroach in my room!!! Eeeyer... Guess what I did?? Haha, at first I thought of screaming but it was early in the morning, so I breathe out whoo... then I went downstair to take the insect spray and sprayed it!!! Then it died. How sad, Im sorry little cockroach. =(

During chemistry class, Mr.Tham said something very funny. If you have constipation problem, that means digested food inside your large intestine is DECAYING!! And the signs are the gases from your body will be very smelly, ya 'gases', you will have lot of pimples and you will feel very hot. Hahaha, then everyone is looking at the person beside me, Shahrul. SHAHRUL IS DECAYING!!! Then he keep saying that he is gonna die. Haha...xD Then we got the chance to play with the atoms model and we made this....

The VITAMIN C model...

Besides, today we annouced the result of the juniors, some of them cried. Aww, made us felt so guilty, dont cry my dear, try hard next time, one day you will succeed! And congrates to those who passed, hope you guys do your part well in the future.

I was quite busy this few days, homeworks and homeworks...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Netball was fun =)

Today during PJ lesson,
we tried this net ball.
It was actually quite fun!!!
We were yelling and screaming during the game..
although we were told not to make noise..
because the classes were going on.
But still..
We shouted and screamed because the games was too excited!!!
We laughed all the way till teacher asked us to shut up. xD
carmen was very cool during the game..
She is tall so whenever she put up her hand,
she will get the ball and stop the ball.
She just did it easily,
not even jumping up or tiptoeing..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chicken Heart Dissection

Today's bio lesson,
we dissected this chicken heart,
It was quite disgusting,
but at least better than the frog we did in form 3.
We were asked to observe the aorta, chambers and...
the main parts of the heart,
but they were all very tiny and not really obvious.

We started to march today,
everything was going well,
but we forgot some of the command because,
quite long time we didn't march..
Hope everything get better,
and be serious PPS!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to Bath!!!

I almost forgot today is a holiday,
till last night min hua texted me,
then I was like huh? ya hor, is holiday!!!
But I finished all my homeworks...=.=

today I washed my bearsss....
(They only bathed once in a year xD)
I washed them myself..
and after bath,
they were clean and they smell good!!!

New Year is coming soon!!!