Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hall of our Memory

Blogging must become a habit so that I wouldn't ignore my blog.

Monday we went to a relative's dinner in a hall, a hall where we went for our SPM Chinese Talk. So much of the memories!!! Remember we were all at the VIP seat and were sleeping during the talk. Time flies!

Brother with his new hairstyle! *aeroplane hairstyle*
The decoration in the hall were more like a christmas party right?

OMG! Finally finished our 6 HOURSSS Biology replacement class on Friday.
That was like a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE!! 
But still, we successfully finished 5 hours only because everyone was so tired with the so sick face, so sir is forced to call off the last hour class and we'll drag monday's replacement class instead.
Lesson of the day, please don't be happy or excited for any cancelled bio class!

And finally, I bought the new calculator. I don't really the new one because I still in love with my old one but am forced to give it to my brother. SAD CASE! Be good to me, new calculator. 

Pearly is going to have a so called 'study trip' to my house for almost 1 week because her house is going to be renovated. Pray to god, please let this monster stay peace and don't break anything again in my room, not the wall, window handle, water heater the shower thingy anymore! MONSTER, we need to study!

MPW exam is next week! But till now we don't even know what to study on, is sir going to give us any tips?  May god bless us. =(


Sunday, November 13, 2011



What can I say now is I blog once in a blue moon.
Compared to the form 5 me, blog everyday,
now I almost forgot my bloggie.
How could that happened?
Life is just too busy.

Well, I am still trying my best to manage my time. I have to sleep at 10 something everyday because the next day I have to go to school early in the morning. It's like an alarm for me, about 10 something I started to feel sleepy. And every night 8.30-9.15 is my drama time, Rookies Diary. So what can I do is finish my homework as much as I could in college so that when I reached home I can relax myself, bath, eat, watch tv, play piano, do some revision if I can but not stressing on my homework again.

Luckily I got use to the lifestyle like this for the past 3 months? 2 months? Time flies! I couldn't help but now is already November! GOD! Tomorrow SPM is going to start? *hahaha* I don't mean to laugh but GOOD LUCK everyone, for my dearest juniors who are sitting for the stupid SPM exam. =)

Okay, talk back about some history.
Yesterday suppose to be a parent-meeting day. My parents are suppose to go to my college to 'talk' to my lecturers about my progression on studies? Haha, but finally it didn't happen because I kind of encouraging my mum not to go by telling her other parents also not going because my whole class, only me myself from KL. I don't know whether the other's parents are going or not. You know me, I am not worrying about they knowing my results (although my result this time seriously sucks) because they knew it, no class and nothing, but early morning have to go to college again, seriously is a great turn-off. Wasted my time and all, so finally, we didn't make it, since ms.chee said that they will send our result back to my house. Isn't it a better way? =P

Since I didn't make it, so early morning I went for my piano replacement class. After that, I went to movie with pearly. 'The apple of my eye'.

AWESOME MOVIE! I cried for a particular scene in the movie, gave me so much feel. I wanted to tell pearly which scene is that, but I forgot. HAHA. NICE movie but the ending is so sad. Not the boy or girl died, but is just too sad! =(

After the movie, I went to my cousin sister's kindergarten to help out their concert.  Hehe, like last year, what I did is make up for them, tie their hair, helped out everything. They are just too cute!! Haha, but for sure, some of them are noisy too! ANNOYING INSTEAD!  But this year a bit special, my little darling, Qing Qing is performing. =)

Will blog about what we did on 11.11.11 soon.