Saturday, December 31, 2011


They said you can only improve when you set goal for yourself. So my resolution will be my goal as well. Haha. Today is the last day of 2011. I have too much thing to tell. It's sad when another year just flied away.

2011's resolution, I checked it and surprisingly I got most of it.
So I decided to have another list for 2012.

2011 =)
1. Gain more weight. TICK!
2. Get P license. TICK!
3. NS in second batch. TICK!
4. No piano exam. TICK!
5. Shop every week. HALF TICK?
6. Enjoy college life. TICK!
7. Allergies gone. CROSS! 
8. Everything goes right. HALF TICK?

Yes, I gained weight but sadly I lost half of it. *sob* I shop like once a month? Haha, still failed. Erm, allergies gone is kind of impossible so I just give up. Everything goes right is also kind of impossible. Haha.
So, what's the resolution for 2012.

1. Still, gain more weight. xD
2. Got straight A's for my A Level.
3. Figure out what to study for degree.
4. Have sports more frequent.
5. Follow my timetable.
6. STOP SLACKING around.
7. Peace at home.

Thats all? I think those are the main one which I think is more important for me. It's new year so I gonna get a new clothes for my blog.

Happy New Year everyone.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hall of our Memory

Blogging must become a habit so that I wouldn't ignore my blog.

Monday we went to a relative's dinner in a hall, a hall where we went for our SPM Chinese Talk. So much of the memories!!! Remember we were all at the VIP seat and were sleeping during the talk. Time flies!

Brother with his new hairstyle! *aeroplane hairstyle*
The decoration in the hall were more like a christmas party right?

OMG! Finally finished our 6 HOURSSS Biology replacement class on Friday.
That was like a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE!! 
But still, we successfully finished 5 hours only because everyone was so tired with the so sick face, so sir is forced to call off the last hour class and we'll drag monday's replacement class instead.
Lesson of the day, please don't be happy or excited for any cancelled bio class!

And finally, I bought the new calculator. I don't really the new one because I still in love with my old one but am forced to give it to my brother. SAD CASE! Be good to me, new calculator. 

Pearly is going to have a so called 'study trip' to my house for almost 1 week because her house is going to be renovated. Pray to god, please let this monster stay peace and don't break anything again in my room, not the wall, window handle, water heater the shower thingy anymore! MONSTER, we need to study!

MPW exam is next week! But till now we don't even know what to study on, is sir going to give us any tips?  May god bless us. =(


Sunday, November 13, 2011



What can I say now is I blog once in a blue moon.
Compared to the form 5 me, blog everyday,
now I almost forgot my bloggie.
How could that happened?
Life is just too busy.

Well, I am still trying my best to manage my time. I have to sleep at 10 something everyday because the next day I have to go to school early in the morning. It's like an alarm for me, about 10 something I started to feel sleepy. And every night 8.30-9.15 is my drama time, Rookies Diary. So what can I do is finish my homework as much as I could in college so that when I reached home I can relax myself, bath, eat, watch tv, play piano, do some revision if I can but not stressing on my homework again.

Luckily I got use to the lifestyle like this for the past 3 months? 2 months? Time flies! I couldn't help but now is already November! GOD! Tomorrow SPM is going to start? *hahaha* I don't mean to laugh but GOOD LUCK everyone, for my dearest juniors who are sitting for the stupid SPM exam. =)

Okay, talk back about some history.
Yesterday suppose to be a parent-meeting day. My parents are suppose to go to my college to 'talk' to my lecturers about my progression on studies? Haha, but finally it didn't happen because I kind of encouraging my mum not to go by telling her other parents also not going because my whole class, only me myself from KL. I don't know whether the other's parents are going or not. You know me, I am not worrying about they knowing my results (although my result this time seriously sucks) because they knew it, no class and nothing, but early morning have to go to college again, seriously is a great turn-off. Wasted my time and all, so finally, we didn't make it, since ms.chee said that they will send our result back to my house. Isn't it a better way? =P

Since I didn't make it, so early morning I went for my piano replacement class. After that, I went to movie with pearly. 'The apple of my eye'.

AWESOME MOVIE! I cried for a particular scene in the movie, gave me so much feel. I wanted to tell pearly which scene is that, but I forgot. HAHA. NICE movie but the ending is so sad. Not the boy or girl died, but is just too sad! =(

After the movie, I went to my cousin sister's kindergarten to help out their concert.  Hehe, like last year, what I did is make up for them, tie their hair, helped out everything. They are just too cute!! Haha, but for sure, some of them are noisy too! ANNOYING INSTEAD!  But this year a bit special, my little darling, Qing Qing is performing. =)

Will blog about what we did on 11.11.11 soon.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

After 9 months


 Oh my gosh, was so busy past few weeks for the first term exam. Didn't even check my fb. After spending few weeks for the presentation, I got only few days for the exam. But still, I managed to study and prepare myself for the exam.
The exams weren't that smooth, BAD actually.

First exam, Chemistry.
We DID STUDIED a lot and well-prepared for the chemistry exam. But, the paper was like not related to what we studied. *HALF DEAD*

Second, Pure Maths.
Didn't study and concentrate on that because we had Biology on the same day. Great, I was SUPERP, PANICKING during the WHOLE exam. FREAKED OUT LIKE MAD, because we got not enough time. But at last, managed to finish it.

Third exam, Biology.
As you know, biology always got lot lot lotsss of things to memorise. Even though we had the tips, but some question still, sob sob, dont know how to answer. We tried to crap but we failed. Didn't even know how to crap. *DEAD*

Fourth exam, Statistics.
This time was calm and steady. Everything was good. When I am doing the second last question, teacher said 'You still got 5 minutes extra to check and stapler your paper.' WHAT THE??? I haven didn't read the last question. Okay, no worries, everyone faced the same problem. =)
P.S : Thanks to the guy, so that I know I drew my graph wrongly during the exam and had time to draw again. =P

Conclusion, first term exam is like SHIT! SHIT result is expected.
So dear mummy and daddy,
please forgive me.


Saturday, October 1, 2011


How can I not blog for more than two weeks? I wonder. =(
Was too busy for studies.
Had lot of things to do.
Eforum, Presentation, Homework, test and exam on the way....
I AM SUFFOCATING!!! *sob sob*

Slept kind late yesterday to finish off my MS eforum, the tough and killing questions, ASEAN? I can tell that it never stay on my mind for more than 3 seconds. All I know is it's some Asia organisation thingy. Now he is asking for it may experience fall, then with the killing word there, 'DISCUSS!!" What to discuss? I didn't even know it. Haha, So what I did, did some research from net, probably know what happened then type it out. Aiya, whatever, just wanna finish it off so that I can concentrate more on my presentation.

And, finally,  got my presentation shirt and skirt. AWESOME!! Haha. Kinda looking forward for the presentation because I hope that we can ROCK the audience, as long as I dont freak out, my group members don't freak out. PRAY HARD everything will be fine. =)

Just finished off my ME eforum too. YAY! No more eforum! But I am more nervous for the test and exam which may kill us because I got nothing that I learnt left in my mind. HOW?! Gonna eat and swallow the booksss! *sigh* Ignore me, was so rush to blog so that I can continue my work, thats why I am a bit crazy.

And lately, we have a lot of scandals in college. *faint* But compare to past few weeks, college life now seems to be the real college life because we were so sO SO SUPER BUSY and more fun and jokes everyday, not that bored anymore.



Sunday, September 4, 2011


It's the one week journal again.
However, this week lot of things happened.

My NS best partner, Pei Yee aka Vivian had left.
She is going to Taiwan for four years to further her studies, SAD.

Meet up with her before she left.
Miss her so so much. =(

And of course, celebrated Emily's birthday at her house.
Latest photo of the sisters.
Playing with the MAC webcam.

Love this shot! =)

Holiday is gonna end soon,having chem test after holiday. 
Finished most of the homework. But I really quite worried about my chemistry. =(

Don't wanna go back to college. =(

Nothing goes wrong, maybe a bit?
Dont worry, it's under control.  =)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love you, emily!

Don't feel like blogging, but it seems like kinda long time I left out my blog.

This Raya break, I got no holiday. I got homework for all the 3 subjects, and two MPW presentations. SIGH! Had a open book bio test on last friday. It sucks! I mean I suck! Couldn't answer most of the question which I wasn't there during the lesson, so have to use this holiday to revise and study back what I have missed. And after the break, I have a chem test which is NOT a open book, DIE LAR! So my dear friend, I have to stick at home this holiday. (Badminton is acceptable) =)

You know, I hate myself for forgetting everything. Why am I always so forgetful? Remember things that should be forgotten, but forgot things that should be remembered. Haih. I am very disappointing about this sickness. What should I do?


It's your sweet 18th and enjoy it.
Seems like everyone is teasing your small eyes, but I know you are proud of them, right?
BEST WISHES and HUGSS for you! <3

Saturday, August 20, 2011



Finished homework.

STUPID STATS, I dont know how to do, confused of the conditional probability. GOSH!

Going to dad's office tomorrow to print what I should print, the notes.

Got my account in Hong Leong Bank and my debit card.

Heeee... =)

But what's the point lar? Lack of money.

Have to study for chemistry and biology, 


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hormone Inbalance

Another week passed.
Let's see what I did this week.
As though I remember.

What I remembered was, 
I went to 1u on Friday after class to have lunch, Sushi Zanmai! Heee... Best, so long I never had it. Went to MPH after lunch to check out the Chemistry reference book. It is so expensive and heavy! No way I am gonna carry it to college everyday. 

Yesterday went star plus BADMINTON AGAIN! Heeeee... Fall in love in badminton, one week at least sweat once. Played badminton with pearly, eryn, chris, joel and emily. Must maintain it every week. Oh ya, talking about badminton, LEE CHONG WEI AKU DAH MASUK FINAL!! Heeeeeee... Love man! Go chong wei, beat down stupid Lin Dan. =)

Past few days, college, homework, experiment. Everyday from 8am to 5pm. No choice, to save money, we have to tolerate everyone. Btw, why are we doing Titration everytime? Few pictures while doing experiment, haha. I finished my experment too early. 

Photos taken in the car, terribly jam.

Okay now, the emo part.
My chemistry really sucks! I don't remember my form 5 syllabus, dah lar hate chemistry. Coming chem test on 7/9, I think I am gonna fail it. =(
Was very confused on what happenning around me. Sick of all the problem lar. I am feeling insecure after the camp. Can anyone tell me the truth? What's happening actually? Jealousy? I am sick, mentally disrupted. OMG! I HATE YOU!
Had a weird dream few days ago, anyhow it's not gonna happen again.

Miss the moment. 


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good Starting?

I am free! for NOW.
Gonna fall asleep during chemistry class just now.
Penat ba.
This few days I rarely sleep early because of my homework and my phone.
Haha, this is me.
But at least i finished my homework and hand in.
This is called college life?

Yesterday after class, went to Tropicana City with Pearly, Eryn and Sharmela. It's like RANDOM. Eryn said she wanted to buy ink for her printer so we just go, like that. And I was wearing my kdu t shirt, felt like wearing a uniform to a shopping centre. Haha. But I really had fun yesterday. All this while is like so stress because of the new environment, new friend. Enjoyed yesterday having fun loitering around. People, this is the real me! crazy!

Wanna o 1u this friday, MPH to check whether I can get my A level reference book or not. Need to revise back everything. I am like left behind for the two science subjects. I know nothing, forgot everything.

I spent a lot.

Gosh, when is my face gonna get fairer back?
I dont want my line on my neck. =(


Saturday, August 6, 2011


I miss my camp bah.
Kem Setia Ikhlas Semenyih.
BP 205 kompeni ALPHA!

What is so memorable about my NS?
This is what I miss.

Woke up at 5am everyday and it used to be EXTREMELY EARLY for me.
Alarm rang and I offed it, next my dear Kasturi will wake me up.
Walked to the toilet with a super blur face without glasses, so actually early morning I couldn't see all the faces. Haha.
Tied a bun everyday, and when I just started to tie, it looks like shit. Haha.
Lined up, berbaris everyday and when we just reached padang, before the muslim came out, everyone was sleeping. =P
Every morning our beloved OC, An'an will kira strength.
'Bariiiis, bariiis sedia!' ' Senang diri!' 'Bariiis sedia!'
The music when we march into the padang which I forgot. Heee..
'Pagi-pagi malas kau, kau patah balik! kau patah balik!'
'Rapat tumit, rapat tangan, teruuuus pandang depan.'
'Macam biasa, wira depan, wiarwati belakang.'
3 laps of tasik together with my dearest friend.
Lari lari~ Alpha lari~ =P
Breakfast together and yet some of them will choose to sleep.
No choice, we are too exhausted.
All alpha wati members line up for food together.
Using the big tray like being jailed and washed it.
Change to baju kelas after breakfast.
Gather at logistik to wait for wira, and everytime ALPHA is the lastest.
We always tease them, sabar bah, wira alpha kena make up. =)
UP to check our nails, and sing the 1 Malaysia song with actions.
Go into the class for all of module.
Fall asleep in class but all the activities are AWESOME!
Wait for 10.30, for the tea break. =)
Back to class till lunch.
Change clothes again for afternoon's activities.
Solat time is our SLEEP time. 
Apply the sunblock as though it is free. xD
Beware of the weather, and rushed up to dorm when it is gonna rain.
Miss all the marching, TTS, Kraf hutan and Pertolongan Cemas.
Have tea break on 4.30pm.
Solat again = sleep again.
SUKAN RIADAH which we enjoyed very much.
Bathed and dinner.
Kelas agama at night.
Kira strength and go back to dorm.
Roll call.
Wash clothes and supper.

Bath , joke and sleep, TOGETHER!
Get punished either around the tasik or at dorm, TOGETHER!
Get into the final of futsal competition, TOGETHER!
Slept during ALL the ceramah, TOGETHER!
Sing and dance before class, TOGETHER!
Get scolded, or counselled, cried, TOGETHER!
Attend class and played game, TOGETHER!
Stand and marched under the hot sun, TOGETHER!

Tepuk tepuk ALPHA!

I miss all of you...

Vivian, my best friend in camp,
she understands me alot. We always tease her because she is an active scout.
Thanks for being my listener and giving me advices. 

Wendy. My best friend in camp,
 although we had some misunderstanding, but at the end we still solved it.

Zakiah. My baby in camp.
She is my first closest malay friend. I learn a lot from her.
She cried terribly when I left, heartsick! =(

Ella. My disturbance in camp.
 She likes to disturb me with all her craps,
 but also she is the one who cared for me when I had my migraine,
mood swing, allergic and all the craps. She is a great friend!

Elaine, My another sister in camp.
 I talked all my rubbish story to her, and she will always be there when I need her.


Nik, our mama, (the middle one)
she is the one who taught me the Doa Penerang Hati.

Amoy, everytime I see her, she will only say one word, Saranghaeyo Ling!

Zila, our TOC, she is CRAZYYYY!
Because of that, our dorm will be always full of noise.

Fatin, she is shy but she improved and she is cute!

Farah, gendot we called her. Haha. She is nice and friendly.

Nurin, my bathmate. Haha, We used to bath together everynight.

An an, our OC. She is man, but at the same time, she is caring and I like her.

There are more and sorry that I couldn't tell one by one.

Buddhist Youth Class

BEST teacher- Cikgu Alia

Adah, me, Ain

Wati Alpha.



BP 205

Me, Lyn

I love my PLKN life.
I will remember what I learnt in camp,
all the lessons and values,
promises that we made to succeed ourselves in future,
our memories which is short but precious and sweet.
Sorry for leaving early,
seeing all of you cried because of me,
believe or not, 

All the best to you guys.



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welcome back!

What I did this week?

I am so lazy to blog but so much thing to tell. Haha.

My first class was on Wednesday, it's a maths statistic class. Meet out lecturer Ms.Tee. She is new and young and I was quite surprised, but she is nice. So I met all my lecturers and my friends. My Bio lecturer, Mr Leong is good enough, he talks really fast, so that you have to pay FULL concentration like you can't even blink your eyes and day dream for 1 second. You will miss something. Our maths teacher, I don't know what his name still. Haha. But he is nice, a father look. He jokes a lot in class and tried to mix with us. But the most important is he has experience.

Next, is my friends. Lalitha, is the first who I know. She is friendly buy honestly a bit noisy. The one that I like a lot, Nirvana. She is from Pakistan but lives in.... South America? I forgot. She is a pretty girl and friendly. I like her! Another one, Min from Viet Nam. His english is funny. Not considered handsome but okay. Who else? Alan from Sarawak, Corin from Sabah. Conclusion, only me a KL girl. I had fun with them, getting use to college life.

Did some experiments on the past few days.

Chem- Titration.

Bio- Microscoped on cell structure.

Ranunculus Root cell.

Zea Mays Monocot root cell

Dicot root.

COOL! I had fun doing all the experiment ON MY OWN
But great, you know what's my homework this weekend? 
Draw all the cell structure, there are SIX! 
Yeah. and you know, my drawing sucks!*sob*

Followed parents to office today to print my notes and do my homework. 
Bought a pair of new shoes, 

BUM shoes, which cost only 20 bucks. xD

and that day went to IPC bought some new t shirt for college.
Going to apply debit card soon.
Will post on NS soon, the last one. =(




Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am sick.

Am feeling a bit moody recently.

I don't know what happen to myself, my brain.
Was busy for homework this few days.
Shopped at IPC this morning and bought some new clothes.
Still, wasn't happy and even felt annoyed. *sigh*

After the camp,
I was told that I became more impatient...
And had changed, positively or negatively...

I wonder,
I still couldn't adapt to the life here?
I changed?
They changed?
They didn't change?
My miss-camp-sickness?
What happen to me?

Have got thousands of thoughts in my mind, 
together with problems and worries,
all clashing in my mind.

I need somebody to talk to.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today is LOVE.

Hehe, love what I did today. <3

Woke up at 6.45 this morning, jogged at DPC with sharon and emily. That emily, PIG! Haha, one laps of DPC park is really very big, compared to my tasik. Haha. So we managed to walk one lap, and run one lap. More to go, need to improve! Afterthat, wanted to have pan mee as breakfast, but then it was still closed because it's too early. So we went to the Vietnamese Restaurant in Sri sinar for our breakfast. Delicious though!

Back home and bathed. Fetched bro tuition then went to bank wanted to bank in my money using the ATM machine, who knows? FAILED. Is it really cant or just the stupid machine is too old? Went to book shop to buy stationary.

Did homework in the afternoon but couldn't finish because of the fellow came. Couldn't concentrate. Haha.
The most important, I DYE MY HAIR! Hehe, thank you mummy for helping. A bit imbalance my hair, but nevermind, first time right? Bro used my extra's solution. So now we have the same colour. =)



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

20 July

Went to KDU again today. Before that, went to the curve with pearly and her friends. Had lunch in Kim Gary Restaurant. Shopped in Ikano, wanted to buy t-shirt but finally, knowing me, I wanna buy more so I decided waited for parents to pay. *ngek ngek* 

Realised that my NS BSN card is a debit card. But dad is trying to get me a Hong Leong debit card since I have an account in Hong Leong. But then wait for his progress, I dont know how many years he needs. If I can have one, my pocket money will be bank into my account, using card is so... COOL! Haha, and I bought a touch and go card today too. I like doing things on my own, but then it seems to be a part of my stubbornness? =)

Checked my homework and textbook with Lalitha just now. Before that, Lalitha is my new classmate. GOSH! I have stacks of homework man! Pure maths and statistic. I also need to buy textbook, but then I choose to photostate. I borrowed two maths textbook from library. Anyway, thank you so much Lalitha. My A'Level friend actually asked me to go an outing tomorrow but I didn't follow. 

The sixth days, still, I am not used to it. 
Back to face all these problems, pills and homeworks.
I dont like my life now.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Wati Alpha

Today is a Monday.

I slept till 10 in the morning. Lol, unbelievable! 
I mean I dont want life like this. MEANINGLESS! 
So what I did today, I finished packing my room, cleared all the rubbish, prepared stuff for college, paid astro's bill for mum, checked my balance in my BSN account. 

I wonder how to describe my feeling. 
Seriously, I miss camp so so so much! I miss my buddies! 
When I was in Mcd Run, they were having sukan carnival on the other side. I was actually one of the player for futsal, as I told. I ain't a pro but we are in a team. I am sad for my leaving and I couldn't join them to fight for champion. Chill guys, you guys done well. 

There are lot of thing that I don't know how to tell. 



Time to continue my story.

We were all waiting for ceramah in the morning. This week we did flying fox. Talking about the flying fox, I enjoyed all the way but at the end, stupid! There wasn't a brake or stopper or whatever to decrease the speed but teacher used to pull when you reach there, so what you got is so uncomfortable as teacher chok so hard. Eee. I hate it. Besides, we played the kembara halangan. There are lot of them but too bad I didn't take any photo of them. Dropped into the water when I was playing monkey bar, laugh laugh. Only 3 people succeed to cross to the end and were dry. All of us were muddy and dirty after the activities, but WE HAD FUN! Muscle pain on the next day because of the monkey bar. Darker but then guess what? Pity the malays, their faces are worse because of the tudung. They got line on their faces. Oh ya, we got new modul this week, module kenegaraan. M16 on the following week. And this week my alpha dropped to number 3, we were so sad. =(

After breakfast and I was waiting.  This week we had shooting session. BEST! We woke up 3 something in the morning and went to a shooting place in serdang. Was so sleepy that day. My experience, before that day we had a day of thoery on M16. Learnt the structure and how to use the gun. Oh, soldiers from outside came to teach us. So back to that day. We queued to shoot, luckily I was in Alpha, so everything we are the first! 20 times. A precious experience but the recoil was so hard till I got bruise on my shoulder. I got 11 marks out of 100. Dont laugh, there are 3 people got 0 and lots of them below 10. Hahah, so be proud of your friend, ME! Hahaha. The highest in wira was 71 and wati 69. This week onward they are practising for penutupan, there was this silence marching that we called kawad senyap. COOL! They did all kind of formation without any comment but just hentak kaki. I actually represent my group for the futsal match. Haha, and thanks god that we managed to be into the final. KJ actually asked me to join the kawad senyap, but what to do? I am back here before the penutupan. =(

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Face the Fact!


Back to the real world.

Back to college.

Back to my blogging life.

Went to Mcd run this morning. Believe it or not, after NS, 7km run seems not a problem for me. Compared to last time, I run and walked like mad, need dont know how many years to reach the finishing line. Haha.


Went to KDU that day. Oh before that, my friend asked me what's full name of KDU. My answer is, I dont know man. Haha. Ended up my friend tease me gao gao. Haha, so sorry. I went to college to collect my hand book and report myself. Took my timetable. And guess what, next whole week I AM ON HOLIDAY! Wth? If I know earlier, will stay in camp lar! SAD! But still, thanks miss pearly and her friend, Lalitha for helping me on my college stuff.

My Handbook. Cool huh? 

Will tell my PLKN story sooner k? *LAZY*

What to do tmr?


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Lovely Camp.

Another 4 hours, I am going back to camp again.
Firstly, sorry for blogging so late.
In case you don't know, my STUPID INTERNET LINE just keep lagging for this 4 days, I can't even online properly, it only showed 3 out of 5 for the line receiver. I was surfing the net till I gave up. GERAMJIKU!
So, in the camp, I did actually jot down my weekly routine, my journal.

Before that,
My name is Yap Ling Sze, as you all know but they call me Ling instead of Ling Sze, they said is hard to remember. My index number is BP 205, BP stands for Bilik Perempuan, 2 stands for dorm 2 and 05 is the fifth one in dorm 2. Dorm 1&2 are in Kompeni Alpha! So I am ALPHA! And my camp is at Kem Setia Ihlas, semenyih selangor.

First week.
It's a Sunday. My beloved family came to visit me with Yong Tao Fu. I was dutying that day because of first week is Alpha's turn. I in charged of the main door in registration with FULL CELORENG. It was the whole set of army suit, we called full loreng. JL, jurulatih usually punish us by wearing full loreng because it is heavy, hot and troublesome. The first week we were all busy for the KKJ, Kontrak Kita Janji. It's some kind of assignment and the first group work we got. We had to set our group name, visi and misi and draw our flag and finally present it on stage. I was trying to help by correcting their bm but firstly they kinda like didn't wanna listen or look down on me till one of them found out I am a straight A's student. Some of them lar, I mean some of the malay, they were quite proud and rude, at the beginning lar. I helped to sew our flag and created our group cheers. The first week itself I got my leg muscle. As what I showed in fb picture, my dorm is really super high on hill, it made me to hate my legs man. The first week, when they start to march, I REALLY HATE IT MAN! They didn't know how to march at first and those moron keep doing it wrong and hit my hand, so I really gave up and not in the mood to march at all. Shame shame, I cried once on 18.5, cant bear of my leg's allergic, and made me get my homesick! But still, I thanks my friend for caring and trying to help me. NO worries, now I am totally recovered. =)

Third Week.
Didn't blog on the second week, miss out.
It was a Saturday morning and I was waiting for breakfast which mean 6 something in the morning. We started many activities, theory for canoe, started to march. I became darker due to the marching lesson. And, my allergic became more and more serious which annoy me a lot. For your information, almost everyone here get allergic on skin part, just type of allergic different only, happen worse for me, who have got allergic history. Went to medic twice and got the medicine. The pills they gave is really effective but too bad, sleepy after you take it. I can even falling asleep when I was standing. Some of my friend went back home, the one who made me cried is Liew Chian Voon, the girl who was in the same dorm with me but she was forced to go back because she had this backache, forced to differ it. Enjoying. I actually like my group friend, ALPHA! They are nice compared to the others, worse. Parents didn't come on the Third Week, they went to Hong Kong. Made new friends as some of them went back. Sick, sorethroat and fever.

Fourth week
Just came back from Nalanda. The place we go every sunday for buddhist prayers. It's a super AWESOME place, like 3 star hotel. The only thing that surprised me is we eat hot dog and fishball as lunch, I thought its gonna be vegetarian's lunch? Know how to manage the time there, use time wisely for sleeping. Hehe. Every night we had small briefing, called Roll-call. We can share our problems among us and teacher, and friends. And we actually did tell our problem and thank god they are solved. I become tanner and one month passed. There was this night, teacher actually called our index number to go onto the stage, teacher was saying why aren't we appreciating and bla bla, scolding all the way. I was so shocked and scared, keep asking friend what happen and for sure nobody knows. Suddenly they pop out with Birthday Song, scares me man. They celebrate May and June birthday together. Although it's just a simple celebration, but it's really a great and awesome memories for me.


Going back soon.

Ciao darlings.

Take care.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I think this will be the last blog before I leave, depends on whether I have time later.
So now, everything is ready.
All my stuff are packed nicely in the bag.
Can leave at ANYTIME!



Ciao guyyz. =)


Monday, May 9, 2011


Would be quite busy this few days.
Getting ready for my NS, buy stuff for my party. =)
Just realised that the date on my offer letter was wrong. 
So, have to go back to KDU tomorrow to settle the letter and pay my first sem's fee. 

1. Go to KDU tomorrow.
2. Fill in all my forms.
3. Take passport size photo.
4. Done my medical check-up.
5. LIST on what to buy for NS and my party.
6. Look for my Memory Card which I lost it. *sob*

I am going to NS!
It's this coming SUNDAY!
Birthday coming soon too!


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Went to Jinjang Hospital early morning for my medical check-up.

What I can conclude is I have to wait and wait and wait. This reminded me about my JPA interview's question- What's weakness of government hospital compared to private?
COME ON! The answer is so so obvious! Without using the brain, everyone can answer.
Firstly, you don't have to WAITTTT in private hospital. In government's, you freaking line up just to get the NOMBOR then wait again!! which piss me off!
Secondly, nurses in private hospital will SMILE so widely and they are so friendly. Oppositely, you can only see all smelly facess in government hospital. Of course, once they smile, you have to pay...! =P

Today I went, just to make appointment for my check-up. So I have to go again next Thursday.

The weather was so HOOOT today!

Hope I can pass the test. *pray hard*


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Love

Selected for form 6 in SMK Raja Abdullah.
Frankly speaking, I actually thought of going form 6.
The only reason is I am so in love with the UNIFORM!
I like the white top with blue skirt. Yeah, it's ridiculous but then they gave me a spirit to study!
But too bad, I had made up my mind and registered in KDU.

I think it's kinda hard to get the full scholarship for my course. 
But what's important now is I have to get the offer letter as soon as possible.
Or else I will miss my intake. =(

Another countdown:
11 days left. 


Friday, April 29, 2011


Finally, I had made the decision- Registered in KDU for CIE A-Level.

And, my student ID is 57505.
Speaking about numbers, my life are so connected with 0, 4 and 5!
My IC number is ending with 5050.
My angka giliran was WL040A044.
(Yeah, once I heard about it, the only thing that appeared in my mind was SEI LOR! =P)

Relieved that I had made up my mind. 

Meet her! Xiang Fei?
She only know mam-mam. 

Finally decided-AUSMAT.

YESH, I admit that I am baby lover
BABIESS ARE CUTE aren't they?
Everything is so mini in their world. =)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Back from sharon's house.
Went there to help her with her fingernail polishing. =)
Yeap, this alien couldn't polish using her left hand, RIGHT HANDED!
There was this cute baby in her house named Yong Han, but he was too shy to talk. After one hour, I only managed to get a Um from him. Sad. =P


Yesterday went back to school AGAIN to get signature on the principal recommendation letter. It was a terrible experience. One she read my letter, she said there was grammatic error. So, here goes my story. I need to find a teacher to correct my mistakes. I met only Pn.Viji in the office so I asked for her help. And what I could see is she was kinda headache for the letter. She asked about my class, teacher and English result.*shame* Ms.Tang would kill me! XR told me that I could get help from UBK to retype and reprint the letter because I didn't want to go back home again.

 TOO BAD the computer was SPOILED! So I seek help from library. Yeah, I was a bit cheeky but as Ms.Chai told me, when you need help, you have to be CHEEKY. Luckily Pn.Hamidah was so so KIND, she even allow me to sit on her place to print my document! I LOVE HER! 

So, finally I am done with it. 

We went 1u to shop and movie. Went to Penang's corner and had prawn mee as lunch. 
Besides, we watched RED RIDING HOOD!
It was nice though.

Drove to KDU after that.
Actually this was the purpose for the outing today. I went there to hand in my documents for the scholarship and got some counsel from the counselor. I think I decided to pursue A level course in KDU. Trying to get full scholarship. But then if after the pre-u course I will ciao too. Going other place for my degree. =)

Am currently reading Longman Essential Activator.
Have to improve my english!!! MUST!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am a duck. =P

Breathe in....*Hmmmm.....*
Breathe out.... * Huuuuu...*

I am so exhausted now, but still my mood are on the TOP OF KLCC! *HIGHHH!!*

I had bad dreams this few days, so I hardly can sleep like PIG like what I used to do. Woke up at 6.15am this morning. Didn't even had my breakfast then I went to school. *was a bit nervous actually*  Because of my new hair style and I still not really comfortable with it. Waited in school and the sun was so so hot which made all of us sweat because we had to line up under the hot sun. ISH!

Got a CERT, 100 bucks and a.... whatever it is!

Actually planned to have photo session in the afternoon but after we had lunch, there was a heavy downpour. So, they came to my house to wait for the rain to stop and even took pictures in my house. Nice background huh? =P Finally, the rain stop and we quickly packed our things to go for SWIMMING!! 

Favourite picture! =)


I had lotsssssssssss of fun today. 
I just mentioned that I wanted to swim, and unexpectedly, it HAPPENED!!!
 Love my sistas, always! *hugsss*