Friday, April 29, 2011


Finally, I had made the decision- Registered in KDU for CIE A-Level.

And, my student ID is 57505.
Speaking about numbers, my life are so connected with 0, 4 and 5!
My IC number is ending with 5050.
My angka giliran was WL040A044.
(Yeah, once I heard about it, the only thing that appeared in my mind was SEI LOR! =P)

Relieved that I had made up my mind. 

Meet her! Xiang Fei?
She only know mam-mam. 

Finally decided-AUSMAT.

YESH, I admit that I am baby lover
BABIESS ARE CUTE aren't they?
Everything is so mini in their world. =)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Back from sharon's house.
Went there to help her with her fingernail polishing. =)
Yeap, this alien couldn't polish using her left hand, RIGHT HANDED!
There was this cute baby in her house named Yong Han, but he was too shy to talk. After one hour, I only managed to get a Um from him. Sad. =P


Yesterday went back to school AGAIN to get signature on the principal recommendation letter. It was a terrible experience. One she read my letter, she said there was grammatic error. So, here goes my story. I need to find a teacher to correct my mistakes. I met only Pn.Viji in the office so I asked for her help. And what I could see is she was kinda headache for the letter. She asked about my class, teacher and English result.*shame* Ms.Tang would kill me! XR told me that I could get help from UBK to retype and reprint the letter because I didn't want to go back home again.

 TOO BAD the computer was SPOILED! So I seek help from library. Yeah, I was a bit cheeky but as Ms.Chai told me, when you need help, you have to be CHEEKY. Luckily Pn.Hamidah was so so KIND, she even allow me to sit on her place to print my document! I LOVE HER! 

So, finally I am done with it. 

We went 1u to shop and movie. Went to Penang's corner and had prawn mee as lunch. 
Besides, we watched RED RIDING HOOD!
It was nice though.

Drove to KDU after that.
Actually this was the purpose for the outing today. I went there to hand in my documents for the scholarship and got some counsel from the counselor. I think I decided to pursue A level course in KDU. Trying to get full scholarship. But then if after the pre-u course I will ciao too. Going other place for my degree. =)

Am currently reading Longman Essential Activator.
Have to improve my english!!! MUST!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am a duck. =P

Breathe in....*Hmmmm.....*
Breathe out.... * Huuuuu...*

I am so exhausted now, but still my mood are on the TOP OF KLCC! *HIGHHH!!*

I had bad dreams this few days, so I hardly can sleep like PIG like what I used to do. Woke up at 6.15am this morning. Didn't even had my breakfast then I went to school. *was a bit nervous actually*  Because of my new hair style and I still not really comfortable with it. Waited in school and the sun was so so hot which made all of us sweat because we had to line up under the hot sun. ISH!

Got a CERT, 100 bucks and a.... whatever it is!

Actually planned to have photo session in the afternoon but after we had lunch, there was a heavy downpour. So, they came to my house to wait for the rain to stop and even took pictures in my house. Nice background huh? =P Finally, the rain stop and we quickly packed our things to go for SWIMMING!! 

Favourite picture! =)


I had lotsssssssssss of fun today. 
I just mentioned that I wanted to swim, and unexpectedly, it HAPPENED!!!
 Love my sistas, always! *hugsss*


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Look!

Me with my SHORT HAIR and SPECS!

Sigh. Recently there are so many things that I wanna blog out but dont know start from where.

Some decision which I don't really agree with it but I don't have the right to even ask and tell out. And this might become worse and worse. Maybe I should just let it happen so that it will learn a lesson? I am, again, confused!

Going back to school to this friday to have a look at their meeting and check on all my PPS-es. Then, saturday is the Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. Heee... What can we get? *wink*


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I cut my hair.

Two inches gone! *sad*

Mum said my too-long-hair will be very troublesome in camp.


NO worries, it will grow back soon.

Yeah soon. =(

But, actually I kinda like this hairstyle. FRESH!


Monday, April 18, 2011


Today is, the first monday ever since I quit my job.

But, I kinda miss my kiddies especially little sakai, Boon Chun and the hyperactive Guan Yu.

Yesterday went to the curve with Pearly and her families. Went to the BIG BIG Popular and bought some books back.

 COMMITTED by Elizabeth Gilbert.

And two reference books for my brother who is sitting for PMR this year. Actually he is really a headache for me. Dad has been grumbling that mum doesn't force him to study, then here comes mum, grumbling me that I should help him in studies.

Sometimes, I really hate it when it happen again.
Sometimes, I hope that I can leave as soon as possible.



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bye Kiddies!

I am now free from work!
Miss my lil kiddies!

Latest photos--

E & A 
Elephant and Ant

Man Jun, where are you looking at? =(

Nice picture, thanks to pearly. BLUR!!

Mum said I look like their mum. xD




Tuesday, April 12, 2011



And the most important,


Monday, April 11, 2011

A School Day

Early in the morning, I was in SMKTBM with Xue Ren and Carmen.

'Why are you three monkeys so early??!' Puan Teh was so shocked to see us early morning when the sky are still dark. We went back school to get signature from principal for all the documents on applying JPA. And, who knows?? The assembly was taken so so long time as today is the opening ceremony for Science Week? whatever it is. So we waited for one hour in Counselling Room. Chatted with Ms Chai on our future, as usual. And teacher told us lots of stuff and information. Thanks! School really brings back lots of memories! =)

Oopps, before that, I GOT A CHANCE FOR JPA INTERVIEW! Yayyy!

Kinda nervous for that because I never attend interview which is so formal and important. Have to do some 'homework' this few days before I attend for the interview in case I dont know what to answer and screw my interview up. But still, I don't have too much hope on the JPA scholarship as, you know why right. NS and matriculation!

Two more days, I gonna end my working life! I WILL MISS MY KIDDIES! *sob* Coming Wednesday, Carmen and Catherine are taking over our jobs, and wednesday is the only day that we can work together. TOO SHORT!!! I think we'll have fun together! *looking forward*

Is the STPM new system starting this year or next?
I mean, for us?


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scope Narrowed

SORRY for abandoning you, dear bloggie!

Met up with sir yesterday in La Casa, he treated me Toasties! Btw, the Toasties there were fingerlicious! Appetising and healthy sandwiches. The important thing, sir sort of like counselled me about my future and all the courses which I was worrying and having headache. Have some plan now, at least the scope is now narrower. Have to do more research and get more information from the net.

Told my kiddies that I will be leaving next week. One of them, Guan Yu is curious when I said I have to continue my studies. Teacher also have to study eh? Haha. But then he is sad for that. I kid that I have to leave because he is naughty, he even promised that he will behave better next time. Awww.. I was a bit touched that time. Sob.. Lil kiddies are always so cute! and annoying too!

Recently, I always nap in the centre while looking after the kids for their naps. SORRY lar PEARLY LIM! Left you outside helping them for their homework and I hid in the air-con room and sleep. *a bit guilty* But seriously, was very tired this few days, always wanted to sleep earlier but before sleep my parents will stopped me for a discussion on my courses. Sigh.

OKIE! That's all I think.

Forgive me.