Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It is UGLY!

The second day.

My finger is much better.
Just that got a layer of dead skin.
So can type or press softly.
But still cant write yet.
But it is UGLY!

Quite disappointed.
Expecting wrong things again.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I cooked my hand!!!!!
I wonder why?!!!!!
Why did I go and touch the stupid HOT STOVE knowing it is HOT!!!!!!
Stupid me!!!
Now everything is too late adi. *sob*
Im not afraid of pain, (but I admit it was VERY PAIN!!!!!)
Im afraid that it will leave a UGLY scar there. (knowing me) Hehe..

Okay, the story goes like this. The soup couldn't boil so they shifted it to another stove then DONT KNOW WHY I GO AND TOUCH IT!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, of course my nervous system are okay, so immediate reaction I move my hand but too late, IT IS COOKED!! Sob.. Lucikly I remembered of WATER!! Searched for water, and the stupid fellows are washing the pots, asking me to go to the other side. Then I shouted at them for the water. Sorry, hehe.. emergency. Then kok kuan gave an ice to hold, it is much better because the ice caused my fingers to be numb. After that he said dont need the ice adi, so he took out, but my fingers are stll red and pain. So he asked me to bear it, but too painful lar really, so I cried my tears flow out. It was so painful without the ice! Then they gave me the ice again. So I started laughing and disturbing the others. Haha. They said I am crazy or like a little girl after crying then started to laugh. Haha.. Cant blame me lar, painful ma.. Hehe.. =(

Everyone was so busy cooking and I did nothing there. Sorry guys. They said I hold ice for too long, so my fingers all chao chao adi. The pro said I shouldn't hold the ice anymore. So Kok kuan accompanied me to look for teacher and finally (summarized) got Pn.Azizah, called mummy and she came.

Special thanks to :
1. My umbrella, Kok Kuan
2. My Zhen Zhu, Pearly ( for twisting my handkie dry) xD
3. Yeow Xin
4. Sze Mei
- my dearest ah kor for NOT answering my call!!

How to write?
How to type?
How to play piano?
How to sms?
How to take my lenses out?!!
How to...

Dont worry, I am MUCH better now. Not that painful anymore.
Gonna start living with my left hand! My left hand is so RUSTY!
Hope my fingers could recover soon.

I expect you to know again.
It reminds me about last time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I am gonna change!

We had this Minggu Koperasi today. I am so tired lar, exhausted man! Yesterday watched football till 12 something, tired. England was so laobeh, Haha, can saw it even though Im not chasing after all these. But they were just so NOT- pro. Ahem.. Ya.. Hehe.

OH GOSH!! I really have to START STUDYING!!!
Cant imagine I was wasting my time doing all those things...
No Way Ling Sze! You have to improve from today onwards!
Start it!!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010


I want to go badminton! But all my sista went for the Maths quiz and tuition. Sob.. Next week ya, I dont care! Hng..

So, today is the weekend.
To do list :
1. maths
2. tuition karangan
3. theory

Oh ya, I saw this just now. She is so so so so so CUTEEE!!!! Brother's friend's little sister. Aww...

Cute huh?!!

She and her big eyes are adorable...

P.S : I gave you hints, sense it and response!


Friday, June 25, 2010

I am.

I will try my BEST to make it!

Whatever it is, I think I can!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Got back all the papers except BM,

NOT satisfied with history marks,

BC paper is okay,

but teacher said I can do better.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'Lovely' Printer

It's wednesday. School life is always that tired I wonder why. Sob.. Anyway, we are going to join prs for our camp this year, better than nothing right? Erm, yew joe they all are planning to go for undang test next month and I might join them too because I dont wanna go alone for the stupid ceramah for how many hourssss... At least I got accompany if I go with them and we wont be very bored. Stupid printer spoiled the day before I wanted to hand in my addmaths project. So now I have to hand in late and teacher wanna minus our mark for that. Ish.. many blue-black on my leg lately, and I dont know why and since when they are there. *ugly*

Getting bad result for all the subjects, Im not satisfied for them. Have to really start studying!

Monday, June 21, 2010

School Again.

School started.

Getting all kinds of SCARY results.

Add-maths project left.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Part II

The Cake.

Fathers are ever ready.

Singing all kind of songs. xD


Cutting cake.

Yeah, these guys only know how to EAT!

One more, try to escape from the camera kah?

The fat one!

Look at him! with his drumstick again.

Grandma was very happy after getting the cake. =)

Mummy and the bride-gonna-be.



Sunway Trip

Sunway Trip! We actually went in to the Wildlife park! Unbelievable! xD


We thought it was fake one but it MOVES!

Cute huh?

Peacock with only ONE feather?!

I dont know what its name but it is cute!

Two lil monkeys again.

Dont blame it, the weather is too HOT!

Do sunway's animal know how to pose?

Hiding in the tree but we spotted it!

Eating papaya!


Lyn dare not to go up. =P

Us again.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Father's Day celebration (Part 1) in Mo Mo Paradise.

MO MO Paradise

The controller under the table.

ALL kinds of food passing through you!
(all you need to do is just grab it! xD)

Start thinking how it works?

As USUAL, looking for food!! =P

* Having fun posing *

Still, giving all kind of idea to pose!

I made it! and of course it was DELICIOUS!

Grandma was scolding because we waste a lot of food.

So, Bro feed her the prawn he peeled. *LOVELY*

Here come mummy!

And the two lil monkeys!


But at last, father's day and father paid.
( Thats why all fathers hate father's day right? One more day to spend on. Haha. )


Friday, June 18, 2010

Lyn Lyn On!! xD

Lyn can make it on Sunday!!!
* Cheer *

My phone kena virus. How?
If people text me, I might not recieve it.
How? * Sad *

I actually click into 'the' profile everyday and I didn't realize it. * Faint *


Argentina VS Korea Republic

Friday. =(

Yesterday Sharon didn't go to tuition, she said she was not feeling well. But then when teacher texted her to ask the football's result, she REPLIED!! Haha, and teacher was teasing her saying not feeling well kah? There is possibility for her not to go tuition just to stay at home to watch football, because she is a football fever, she can actually wake up in the middle of night to watch the match. BUUUUT, I dont think she will skip the tuition because of football, maybe she was not feeling well A BIT! Haha, just kidding.

So, I watched the match also. I mean FORCED TO because of daddy was watching. The Argentina-Korea Republic was nice! For me, the one who do not chase after football, I think that match was interesting. Korea is way too far from Argentina. Btw, I found the Gorzolo, Gor (something) lo? Anything lar, the one who shooted 3 goals in 2 matches, (name forgotten) is quite handsome. Haha.

And, brother said he told his friends that dad was a volleyball player in school, captain somemore. But look at his body size now, thats why brother said his friends were shocked. Haha, and he was also a badminton player, school team. Brother said everyone just stunned and gave a shocked face. Yeah, thats what we did too when mum told us the same thing. Unbelievable right?

P.S : Sunway Lagoon changed to Sunday because brother is having tuition tmr and cousin bros not free. Sorry Lyn.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Winner - Durian

First of all, our outing cancelled.
Im very sad lar, I really wanted to go out. =(

The second, we are planning to go SUNWAY LAGOON this sat instead of the stupid cancelled plan!!

Okay, back to story. I just watched The Winner, a Taiwan Show. Funny lar, the way they forced others to eat durian and finally the one who afraid of it ACCEPTED it!! *Miracle* Haha.. Is durian that bad? I mean i know a lot of them said they are very smelly, but I dont think so. It's nice what. Smelly eh? but actually it's very delicious!! A MUST TRY fruit if you are Malaysian.

Very fast, today is thursday already. Haih...After this holiday we are really gonna start preparing for the war, have to start reloading our bullet NON-STOP. And the next holiday will be after SPM. =(


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Avatar in Red

Yesterday went to cousin brother's house. It was his birthday! I went after my tuition and auntie cooked black pepper chicken chop for us. It was GREAT but too big portion till I had to stuff all of them into my little stomach. Anyway, the food was DELICIOUS.

At the same time, my cousin brother who is same age as me was drinking red wine. Then, his face turned red slowly, I mean VERY RED!! Like the Avatar but in RED. Can imagine right? Everyone was laughing at his red 'avatar' face.

After that, I was talking to cousin sister and auntie. They told me a lot of thing about the courses and future, asking what course Im gonna take after SPM. But me myself is unsure about it, so I think I have to start thinking and decide before it is too late. But choosing courses is like the MOST important decision in your whole life, once you make mistake then you waste the one or two years time studying things you dislike.

So, the conclusion is... I really dont know. I need some time for that.
Btw, yesterday couldn't sleep well, felt so HOT the whole night, maybe because of I drank some red wine yesterday night. I woke up few times to on the air con but scared later it would be too cold , but finally gave up just on it and sleep.

Planning to go out this saturday for movie and shopping with sista, what movie is available?

Sex and the City 2 will be nice right? It is nothing about sex lor, ( I mean a bit ) but it is quite nice and true story what. Okay, we'll watch this.

ECLIPSE!! Cant wait to watch it! Perfect movie indeed!

P.S : Why is it so fast Wednesday?! I still want my holiday!!

* Happy Day *

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can I be?

Ling Sze overslept today so she is feeling uncomfortable.

Mandy asked me to be her 'sister' during her wedding. But then her wedding is on 7 Dec which is during SPM I think. But that day is a holiday, muharam thingy if Im not mistaken. I wanted to go! It would be quite exciting right? Can dress pretty pretty and take pictures!! I asked her whether she need the video cam because last time I used to be camera girl! Hehe.. She needs it but she doesn't have enough sista so I have to be the sister.

I actually enjoy being the camera girl, take pictures or video the whole thing. Maybe I can consider taking this course after SPM. Till then I got a lot to study, I LOVE physcology, this taking photo stuff.

I asked her whether she wants en en to be the flowergirl but she said she scare later she will cry there. Haha.. But I think a flowergirl and flowerboy would be cute. Huh?

I want to be the flowergirl if I can. =P

Monday, June 14, 2010


As you all can see,
I changed the layout and the background music.
What can you feel?
* Peace *

Ah ha!
~ Peace ~
the background music is from Autumn's Concerto.
If you like it.
I dont really like it,
or dislike..
Because this is the only piano version song that's in my mind now.

* New life started *

Autumn's Concerto

Last week of holiday,
I want more holiday.
It is too short and obviously NOT enough for me!
* Sob sob * =(

I finished a drama in 3 days!!
Autumn's Concerto.
I cried and used lotss of tissues, (as usual =P)
but the drama was really very nice!
3 days you can finish it..

Friday, June 11, 2010

STOP the sneeze! xD

Went for gotong-royong in school.
I think all the books are almost done,
Tomorrow we can finish I think.
The library is so dusty lar,
we were sneezing all the way,
thanks them who come for the gotong-royong.

I used to depend on you too much,
making myself lifeless,
now I've realised and learnt,
Im much stronger and tougher!
I know what to do to continue my life.
Or I should say,
I finally found myself!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Went for badminton just now,
too long didn't exercise,
after sweating,
I felt so relieved.

Carmen said my finger nail's look like monster.
Special what..
Lyn texted me,
to watch Another Cinderella Story.
The guy is so so so HANDSOME!!
Joey Parker ROCKS!!

Brother borrowed a disc from friend,
so my job now is to,
finish it!!
At least my holiday wont be so bored.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Holiday

My sweet holiday started. ^^

actually there is lot of homeworkss.
I try to remember them.
Yeah, *try*
Start to figure out what to do this holiday,
thinking what to achieve.

There are plenty of timeeeee....
for me~

I salute them, really.
Everytime I look at them or enter their profile,
I can feel the energy,
and I believe I can do it too!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I 'm not gonna click it!!
My mind just cant settle down.
How come ya?
only get well at sometimes.

they actually dont like it.
Maybe I was carried away.

Right Indeed


Carmen went Genting, sharon got take care of her grandma.
Anyway, hope her grandma got well soon.
I 'll pray hard for her. =)

Didn't go to school today,
at first felt bad,
scare I will miss the fun.
But then,
I think I made the right decision,
so stop feeling bad LS!!

holiday started.
I gonna start planning what to do,
so that my holiday would not be wasted.
I really hope this holiday wouldn't end.
I got no time for you stupid.

P.S : I want mummy!!! *Sob*

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day

HOLIDAY!!!!! ^^

I waited for this holiday very looooonnggg ago,
finally it comes,
And I'm very happy! xD
Today is our last day,
because we are not going school tmr.
Wii tomorrow!!

Today's school was bored,
many of them went for the rehearsal,
we were so bored in class. =(
I talked to Pn.Hamidah today,
she is okay (maybe infront of us)
Hope she will be fine,
must cheer up and move on.
To her and me.

P.S : Things will get better tomorrow.

I must set a goal for myself, if not it will never end ~

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's OVER!!!
stupid exam finished adi.
Yeah.. ^^

Holiday is coming soon.
He He He...
too excited!
must start studying during holiday,
if not everything is too late,
for SPM.
Not going for the teacher's day celebration.
They are coming to my house to play WII!!!