Friday, January 29, 2010

Avanza Became Honda City!!

Today I walked alone to school because sharon is not going to school because of her cramped leg.

Again, I got lot of homeworksssss haven finish, what to do? =(

Today we started to march and everything was going 'well' because we got all the members to march. Haiz, nvm lar, chill, teach slowly, GO PPS!!!

Okay, today's BIG news.
Brother's car kena stole..
by MATA!!!
Haha, is actually kena tarik ke balai polis because he simply parked his car so...
You know lar, those mata right? They just like to drink coffee so...
Haizz.. The funniest thing was, he thought his car kena stole because when he came out, his avanza became Honda City!!! Hahaha, then his friends were laughing at him...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tofu Friends

Got lot of homework lately,
I dont have time and chance to finish them.
Sob. =(

Today we had this sukan tara, which we had to run 100m again because teacher was dissatisfied with our results last week. So, we ran again! I wasn't in the mood to run because my muscles were still very pain and I was very lazy to do it for the second time. No energy.

After running, our dear sharon was sitting aside, having muscle cramp badly. And zi ying was beside helping her. After that one more was coming, our kar yee, her face was so pale and her lips were like white in colour. Both of them were not feeling well. My god!! I think our class's girls have to work out a bit lar. They were like tofu, once you pinch then all hancur. At least exercise a bit, be stronger!

Anyway, take care girls! =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I promised.

" I am not sure am I doing the wrong thing..."

" I think I have done something wrong and I am not gonna repeat it again. "

" I promised. =)"

'Tabung Lewat'

First of all, today we were late AGAIN!!! This monday, me and Sharon decided to create a 'Tabung Lewat'. Haha, from Monday onwards, who came out later than 7am have to donate 10 sen into our tabung lewat as a punishment. Till year end, we can use the money and go makan!!! Believe me, we surely got enough money for both of us. Hahaha..

Who knows? Sharon is the first person to donate!!!!

Okay, back to the story, we were late AGAIN!! And as usual, we were blaming each other and being crazy at barisan lewat. So embarrasing. =(  And I was blaming and teasing Sharon so that I can 'motivate' her to be faster. xD

Oh, carmen gave me a correction tape yesterday, I said I will pay her back next day but she said dont need, keep it as my birthday present. Hahaha...THANK YOU CARMEN!!!

Lately we were busying for the juniors interview thing and I was quite worry about the kawad thing. Hope everything goes well...

Argh!! My stupid maid!! Today when I was wearing my shoes then only I realised my shoes are wet. I was so mad and shouting at mum complaining that why are my shoes wet??! Then brother said the stupid maid actually water the plants on the shoe rack AND OUR SHOES!!! Eeeeyer...

Still got lot of homework to do... so lazy.. =(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Study in Indonesia xD

Today we got back our physic paper, I was quite satisfied with my result. ( Im just being happy ) This is the first time I got this result, smiling in class... Hehe.. Btw, the result is not like VERY good... average only... The thing I angried the most is... I did many CARELESS MISTAKES!!!! Haih...

Anyway, today emily told me about the edu fair, walao... it costs so much if we wanna study oversea. Then emily told me we can study in...Indonesia!!!Haha...Cheaper and...And...
I said no way, My college life should be awesome, full of handsome guy, not all black black fellow. Haha, then we both were laughing. True what? College should be nice and we should enjoy ma...=)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Special Dinner

The Lok Lok sounds so weird ...(and funny in Hokkien xD )

She is the last to eat.

Before and after!!!

Mouth big = Spoon big xD

Playing with the juice...

What to do? Mouth big = 4 straws xD

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ling Sze is sad. =(

Ling Sze got some result today,
although it was a saturday...
which means a school day.
My addmaths result was sucks,
I did it very bad,
same to others,
although they are better but,
I still dissatisfied with them.
I got the lowest in my gang.
And somebody told me he got 86 ONLY!!!!
That was so hurt.

Im so useless. =(

Im sad. =(

Must do better the next time!!!
( I knew I have been telling this since last year)
( I just felt bad...)

I wanted to sleep now but,
stupid maid took all the curtain to wash,
and didn't replace it!!!
It is so bright now...
How to sleep??
Poor me...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bye Bye Exam. xD

(Almost) Last day of exam!!!

Today our last paper is BC paper,
then after recess we were chatting and playing in class,
We even skip the physic lesson,
because our dear sharon was having stomache again,
so we 'accompanied' her in class..
After school,
we had meeting in our class 5A because,
Pn Hamidah was absent today,
all the PPS gonna make 5A explode..
it was too packed.
And we went back earlier today...

Dad just bought some bbq mutton back...
Everyone fight for it...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 'chosen' one

Today we got this ceramah,
something like motivation ceramah...
Saying that we are the chosen one,
to aim for straight A's in SPM..
Betul kah??!!
The word chosen is so...
anyway, is exam next week...
The exam take one week time...
and till the next monday...

We had this sukan tara today,
And I got one mark for my house!!!
What a miracle..
I finally contributed something for my house..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Potato Experiment

Exam in one more week,
kinda bored of doing homeworks,

Anyway, we did this potato experiment today,
We cut our potato in class and instead od cutting at home,
because it wont be that fresh~
Haha, like we care...
The experiment was not really fun because it was kinda lame,
by immersing the potatos into the red ink and..
wait for the results.
Somemore the results was not that obvious...
The exam is around the corner,
and I haven start my revision yet!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

'Ghost in Tuition'

Yeah, homework done...
HALF.. =.=

Yesterday during tuition, teacher said he saw a black shadow outside when he was teaching. He thought one of us went out so he asked...
( Mr. Pang  Us)
" One of your friend went out is it?"
" Huh?"
" Just now, someone went out to answer phone right?"
" Eh...everyone is here...''
" Yer, but I really saw a shadow outside..."

Then he walked out to check was there anyone outside.
" Okay, dont worry maybe I saw it wrongly..."
( Sound like he was comforting himself  xD)

After while, when I was doing my practise, suddenly the black shadow appeared again. My god!! I felt like screaming and wanted to tell teacher that I saw it too!!! but he was teaching that time. My heart was like falling out lar.. Then I was forced to be calm and everything was better. Soon, the shadow again!!!! My goodness... I was so worried. After the 'shadow' passed by few times, I was more relieved because I thought that must be a HUMAN!!!

After that, when teacher was teaching, he saw the shadow again. He was like pausing there and asked us whether we saw the shadow. I said yes then he went out to check. After awhile, he came back and said "I just talked to the lady ghost~~ She said she got no way to go back (the door is locked) so she chose to stay here. xD After sending the 'ghost' back, he came back and asked us " Actually you all can see her is it? should have tell me earlier ma, you know my hair all stood up and so scary..."

Hahaha, ghost in tuition...

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Friday

It is the first friday.
My god..
Till today our homeworks are like mountain,
There are many homeworksss everyday!!!
I do homework till midnight,
very tired,
wanna sleep but cant.
Poor me...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 Jan

It is quite late now but I still insisted to blog because I wanna write down everything of my form 5 life. =)

Anyway, school goes on quite well this few days, except the homeworksssS....
We got our own books and teachers started to teach.
My tuitions' time are all changed.
Eelyn is back from US!!! And she is LATE for her first day.
And she said she is now 5kg heavier!!!! A fatty now... =P

The worst thing is...
We are having the first exam at 18 Jan.
Teachers said the exam may test back the form 4 syllabus,
which is so so so stupid because my form 4 things all sucks.

Went late for tuition just now,
so I sat at the back,
cant really see because...
sitting behind two tall fellows,
cat really see even though with my glasses. =(

Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day of School.

Yes, is the first day of school...
and we got TWO essays and ONE karangan...
My goodness,
all teachers will said,
"study hard lar, is SPM year.."
Is it really that stress that we need to do 3 essays on the first day?

and also Samini is gone...

Sharon's ayah angkat, Shankar gone. =(
And we have Pn. Amutha as PJ teacher. =(
Shan hoe said we will be dancing during PJ lesson in future..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Before School Reopen

Just came back from Genting.

We actually went there to watch dont know what concert, but it was a laobeh one as I said. LUCKILY.... Dad knew that we were not interested in the concert so he allowed to spend our time in the Theme Park. Yeah!!! We went to the theme park last night but it was too misty so only few rides were open.
We went there this morning again, and AGAIN... It was misty and RAINING SOMEMORE!!! argh!!! I went back with my smelly face.. =( We played 2 games of bowling..
and FINALLY...
Here comes the sun!!!
We quickly ran to the theme park and bought the ticket. Although it rains a little, but we managed to played all the rides...EXCEPT the Space Shot. It was too bad that we cant played that... Haiz...

P.S : Photos will be update to facebook soon... =)

Anyway, school start tomorrow..
Good Luck for all....

Saturday, January 2, 2010


After brother told me, I went to read today's newspaper because we were quite looking forward for those fireworks' photo. They are very nice. Let's see....

 LOOK!!! Is a new year!!!
Wow, nice hor the fireworks...
Whats the thing which is BIGGER than new year??
Wow, see the difference between the size of number??
Sugar up 20 cents is so super BIG....
and our new year 2010 is so...
ah ha....
Brother and me laughed like mad....
What to do??
Accept our new year present lar.xD

~Fireworks from all the countries~

~This is quite nice~

I just finished burning flame 3 jus now!!!
It was nice!!!
The ending was awesome...

Anyway, I will be leaving here to Genting tmr....
will update soon. =)

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010's First Post


Yesterday around 10.30 we went Desa Park to countdown. There were a lot of people, especially coupless,
and they brought the whole family including the old one, kids, babies and even DOGGIES!! Anyway, outside DPC was super jam!!! Cars and cars...Dad parked the car farrrrrr away from the park so... we have to walk in. =.= What to do?? We went after our tuition so it was kinda late. =(

~ Traffic Jam!!!~

Anyway, I met my ex seniors, Tze Hoong and Choon Yean. Long time didn't see them, they are still the same lar. I teased Tze Hoong saying only a short time didn't see him, changed till like that, cham... Hahaha, he was like 'what ar? what you said??' smiling 'weirdly' with his camera. Hehe... Her sis, Choon Yean, was my ex pen.ketua. Whenever she saw me, she will said ' oh ya I rmb you, the...the... Ling Zi!!!' Then I will correct her, is Ling Sze!!! Ya, this was what happened yesterday too... Haha...

Then I met Chee Hoe, wanting to ask his PMR result but guess what? He walked away faster than me!!! See lar, I will catched you ask ask you, dont worry. Hahaha... Then I met wei sin, wei lun and han yang. We were like waving hand from far away, hahaha... They asked me your brother eh? I said yes. Then they asked another one leh? Then I forgot who said ppl in sg.buloh, very far lar... I was like =.= Then we met our cousin bro too and his girlfriend!!! Haha.. how lovely...



Here comes the fireworks!!! The fireworks was nice but there are too much smoke, which blocked the nice fireworks, too bad... But the fireworks were quite long and I guess those who were holiding camera surely faint seeing the fireworks. Haha...