Friday, April 30, 2010

New Science Block

It's FRIDAY!!!
I love the day after friday but I dislike friday,
I got all boring periods on friday...
Oh ya,
today we got the chance to visit the new block,
Mr.tham brought us there.
The new block is awesome!!
It is a science block,
that means science students own a block,
Cool right?
All the equipments are new and nice,
no more shit table,
and hopefully,
They said we can use it at the end of May,
Im so looking forward for our new classroom!!

Having tuition later.
And tomorrow is SATURDAY!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Session

We had 4 periods of chem today!
It was so bored.

Today we had this photo session.
Our class is the first to take photo,
I really regret of wearing baju kurung there,
because I thought tmr gonna take lembaga's photo,
I looked very weird with vest in baju kurung.

Having tuition later,
force myself not to sleep,
so that I can sleep well at night.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Updated my layout. =)

Today we had this stress management talk,
teach us how to manage stress,
but we dont seem stressful at all. xD
Everyone was like still enjoying life,
didn't sense any danger sign,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nice Dream

Had a nice dream last night,
because I was too tired,
lie on the bed then sleep like pig. xP

I went to the extra class today,
to ask about chem.
Cheih Yin went too,
she wanna pay teacher,
but teacher dont wanna accept,
he said he just wanna help the students,
which is FOC.
But cheih yin was paiseh so....

After lunch,
I went to sharon's house,
to do the moral presentation.
we are DONE!!!
And it is very NICE!!!
with lot of pictures and colours.

3D Movie

Finally is the day!!!

Went to school today, super tired because yesterday slept at 1am. I was watching 14 Blades, VELI NICE!!!! So end up today having panda eyes.

After school, went for the lunch, or I should say 5A's classtrip. The lunch was nice and delicious! Everyone was taking photo here and there, Haha, we made Italianies so packed and noisy, Sorry. xD
However, we couldnt settle for the bill because everyone was busy taking photo man. Haha..

After lunch, they said they gonna take our class photo but they dragged too long so some of us went for the movie first. Some of them went to watch the ice kacang thingy, then some of them are watching kick as. At first we were watching kick ass too, but after that this fellow said wanna watch 3D movie and he bought the tickets so we went for the Toy Story, 3D movie.

It was my first time watching 3D movie. It was awesome!! The cartoons were like coming out. Wow... Very nice!!! Btw, the 3D glasses were too heavy so they keep falling or maybe as Shah said my nose is too small. Haha, thats what made us felt tired. After toy story 1, we thought it was over because the movie was long and we were tired so we went out. When we returned the glasses, the man told us there is still another toy story 2. We were like har? so long? So we went back again. Anyway, we didn't finish the movie.

I had fun watching 3D movie. =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Average Results

Got back almost our test papers,
my results weren't good,
at the average only...

homeworks and tuition still...
And my hand very pain lar,
for no reason..
maybe sleep too much. xD

Mum said Im getting skinny..
I wanna become fatter too,
but how??
I eat a lot. =(

Who can help?

Looking forward for the lunch this saturday~

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Went to dad's office just now, everything is well done.
(of course some part still quite cacat but dad is not gonna change it. )

~New company name~

And guess what?
We found this cute little doggie in dad's office!!!
We named it DOTTY!!!!
We caught it and bathed it....
(sorry because we didn't really know how to bath it)

~It was shivering~
Poor doggie

~After bathed, still dirty~
(throw it under the sun since it was shivering) xP

Essay left...
Tmr is a school day again,
my god,
hate school and of course,

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Pass up the stupid bio correction yesterday... Whew...

Went to Rach's party yesterday but had to leave earlier, sorry...
My god,
I sleep too much!!! xD
become so blur...
So now, sivik project left and moral have to do some correction.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

108 Sentences to go

' I must remember to write the VALUES for Question 1 , Paper 3, Biology. '

' I must remember to write the VALUES for Question 1 , Paper 3, Biology. '

' I must remember to write the VALUES for Question 1 , Paper 3, Biology. '

X 108 times!!!!!!!!

My god...
Today we got back our bio result,
teacher called some of our names,
then said we are the 'outstanding' one.
Surely that is something wrong...
Because we didn't write the values for the observation!!!

So, we have to pay the price...
Write the stupid sentence for 108 times!!!!!!
108 times!!!!!!!!!

Many things to do lately,
Just finished the moral thingy,
haven bind,
sivik project left,
bm oral test,
library stuff,
and of course,
the 108  sentencessssss....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Black Hole in the Finger

Carmen poke my finger today!! It was very painful...=(
The lead broke inside my finger,
of course I took it out and it bleeded.
I washed it many times,
but still black.

School, tuition and homeworks...

Oh ya,
I got 80 for add maths,
quite happy but can actually get higher one,
because my paper 2 was bad.
Must work hard for next time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Office

Today parents and brothers went to the new office + factory, to plant trees! Haha, I didn't follow because I wanted to go to the extra class that my tuition teacher offer. So I stay at home and did my homework. Sharon's brother fetched me to tuition. It was so scary and funny! He was driving and his dad was talking and scolding beside. As usual he was so boh song and refused to listen. Haha..after tuition I had lunch at her house and played her wii. It was fun but I sweated a lot because of the games.

Mum and brothers turned black after few hours 'gardening' at dad's new office. They came back dirty and BLACK!! Haha, luckily I didn't follow. We had lunch at grandparent's house, uncle cooked curry which is VERY delicious!! Mum made puding there for everyone. Watched a movie there and went back home.

No more exam but here comes the homeworkss... =(

Friday, April 9, 2010


Today I went back home earlier,
didn't go to meeting because..
very pain...
going badminton tmr..
finally can exercise..
Thanks guys.
Oh ya, today shah walked me back,
very funny when he saw the two big doggies,
in my neighbour's house.
should look at his reaction lar.

Yesterday dad's car bang by another car,
after fetching me from tuition,
sharon was so afraid..
because she said she never involved in any accident before.
she was so panicked.
we were okay just that the car got a bit cacat adi.
How sad...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hate Form 5

exam is over!

Yes, it is over.
but I dont feel happy or relieved,
What the hell lar,
just finished one then have to study for another one..
what about my outing plan??
I really wanna go gai gai... =(

I got my bc paper just now,
it was not good because my essay nearly out of topic,
kinda sad because teacher minus my mark,
although I argued with him but lose..
So I only got 71 instead of 80..

Just after exam,
and we have 2 essays as homework,
how happy it is.. =]
I nearly forgot how to smile...

I hate form 5!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Growing Up

Today we had our pyhsic paper,
I din't know how to answer,
because I didn't really study.
Who got the mood study when everything is gonna end??
2 papers left....

Just now when I checked my facebook,
Saw a lot of them commented on my status...
thanks you guys!
I know sleep and cry is one of the way,
but I did it,
so I promised myself it was the last time.
that's life at this age...
I think what we should do is accept and face it...
no matter what happen,
there is always a solution right?
Human being have to grow,
by facing all these problem and learn how to solve them.

I think now is the time for me to grow...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Gonna be crazy...
Im so bad in controlling my emotion...


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Two Days Rest Again

Yesterday was the first time I blog using phone, dad's phone. I actually logged into blogger but the network keep disconnect so made me so fed up.

Okay, yesterday was sejarah paper. It was okay because teacher gave us some tips on the paper two. So I only got time to study for paper two. I tembak a lot for paper one. =P

Next week we have chem, phy and moral. Didn't even touch yet. Cham...

Having bad mood...