Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Burning Flame 3 =)

Woke up quite late today.
Spent whole day watching Burning Flame 3,
( It's kinda late I know. =P)
The drama is nice.
I spend whole day watching but..
I can only finished two disc,
another 4 disc to finish in another 2 days.
At least I wont be that bored lar.
Tomorrow after tuition,
going desa park to countdown.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Second home

Woke up at 10.30 today, mostly overslept. xD

Brother said sharon called me but I was sleeping I guess. Sorry.

I went emily's hse after lunch. We were chatting all the way. Yeah, I actually spent 3 hours talking with her. Muahahaha...Girls ma, what to do?? xD Then I tried her grandma's curry, it was delicious!!! And I ate two plates of curry chicken. We watched Daddy Day Care too but too bad I cant finished them because mummy was there so I went back. =(

Monday, December 28, 2009

Here comes our new maid

The new kakak came.
Mum said she is 25 years old,
much elder than us.
her name is Amma..
We actually should call her that but,
mum said she scare when grandma come here,
they both will be confused..
because we used to call grandma ah ma.
So we decided to named her Lah,
(what a weird name huh?)
Lah lah lah...
after she came,
my life go simple (bored) again,
Few more days school gonna start!!!
I cant imagine lar..
Why is time passing so fast ya?
Can anyone stop it?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I got nothing. =(

After breakfast,
we went to 1u to shop,
daddy asked us to buy some new shirts for CNY.
My two brothers bought a lot!!!
and I got nothing. =(
Dont know why,
normally we could just see, try, buy...
I was like lazy to try,
and those shirts like not suitable,
and I was too tired also.
So after all,
We cant get anything.

Yeah, mum said the maid is coming tomorrow!!!
Im no more the 'kakak'...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Is mummy's birthday!!! We went to Victoria station to have dinner...


Thursday, December 24, 2009

I don't wanna grow up!!!

Today tuition at 9am,
I keep yawning in the class,
After tuition we went to buy new shoes!!
Last year in secondary school.
I dont wanna go form 5 lar!!!
Dont wanna grow up!!!! =(
Last time I remembered when I was in standard 1,
cant wait to grow up to go standard 6,
When I was in standard 6,
Seeing them wearing new uniform in secondary school,
I cant wait to go form 1 also...
Until I was in form 1,
I enjoyed my school life but still wanna go form 5 also...
Just A WHILE!!!
IM IN FORM 5!!!!
I dont wanna grow up....

(Continue )
I saw this shoe super cute man!!!!
how can they be so small so tiny....

~ I wanted to buy but mummy said I already had lot of slipper  =(  ~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Darlings

Actually today mum and me were planning to go to midvalley but guess what? She said the weather is too hot and the sun made her dont feel like going out. So we decided to go back to Jinjang to visit grandpa because mum said his eyes like something wrong and he is very upset. He was very worried about his eye because the specialist said if his nerves inside still bleed he will be blind. So sad. =(
Btw, I finally met this two monkeys and long time didn't see them, they grew up become so tall. And En is going to standard 1 next year!!! My goodness!! 7 years passed!!! She made me felt so old.. On the other hand, Qing, her sister is a super girl. Yeah, 'SUPER'. Hahaha, Qing will scream and nag for things that she cant get. She even fight with her sis for dont know thing.

~ She is playing with my hair ~

~ After fighting with her sis (cried) ~

~ See how she eat the orange ~
(Just suck the juice and left the orange for her mum xD)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Blog

I decided to open a new public blog,
and keep the old one as private,
because there are too many things that I wanted to share.

Sharon Lost Her Slipper!!! xD

After tuition, as usual we walked out to go back of course.
( Me-Sharon-Mr.Gopala-Mr Pang-Derek )

'Eh Ling Sze, did you saw my slipper?'
'I cant find my slipper lar!'
'Haha, how come?'
'Really dont have lar!!!'

I went up again to help her to find. Guess what? Really lost!! We went into the centre and asked teacher.

'Sir!! I lost my slipper!!!'
'Huh? How come? No way lar, impossible you lost it. They must be drop somewhere downstairs.'

We went out with sir to check.

'How come? Derek!! Is it you who hide them?'
'No sir, I didn't take lar.'
'Then where is them?'

Sharon was screaming and shouting for her lost slipper!!! Hahaha...Then Mr.Pang came out.

'There are 9 students in my class, so there is one extra.'
'Then you have to wear the extra back, next week wear it back to exchange lar.'
'I dont want lar!!!!'
'Hey, if you dont want then you gonna stay overnight here eh?'
'Let's go lar!'
'Yer!!! I hate this slipper lar!! So big...loose...hard..................'

Haha, we were laughing all the way like mad. Somebody wore her slipper!!! Hahaha....

Dong Zhi

Is time to make round round and cute cute tang yuan again!!! Hehe...This year we made only 4 colours because of mum forgot to add the grape favour, so no purple tang yuan this year. =(

~ Grandma started with this big big flour thingy ~

~ Mum and bro ~

~ Dirty minded!!!~

~Mine : Yellow (Before) ~

~ (After!!!) ~

~ Mum ~

~ See monkey with his friend ~

~Super funny!! xD~
( we made this from those we dropped on floor)

~ Tadah!!! ~

~ Me ~

~ Done!! Yummy!! ~

Desa Park Again xD