Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Add maths was freaking tough,
I finished 5 min before time's up,
and so I dont have enough time to check,
some answer even left blank infront...
But paper 1 was okay. =)
I managed to finish everything and checked.
my add maths was always bad..
Just now when I was taking my nap,
my god!
All the numbers keep coming out in my mind,
keep thinking of the answers,
have to force myself not to think..

tomorrow is all paper 3 and..
I haven touch anything!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cats' Business

Holiday today,
stay at home study...

Oh ya,
yesterday when I was sleeping,
stupid cat woke me up,
they are doing some 'stuff'' downstairs'...
My goodness!!
Moan softer lar,
disturb others only...

Tomorrow back to exam again..
Didn't even touch sejarah...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Day Rest

Tomorrow is the science paper..
At first thinking of not to go to school,
But teacher said she is gonna teach the bio,
chapter 2 which is coming out in the exam..
so what to do?
Felt so lazy to go school lar...

Monday, March 22, 2010

1st Paper

First day of exam,
BC paper was super tough,
I dont understand the question.
one exam takes 3 weeks time,
Gonna be crazy..
Hope tomorrow's paper will be easier.

Monday, March 15, 2010


And study...

After exam I wanna go out!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Pearl Drama

Woke up kinda early today, because of the sketch so we need to go to school earlier. I actually think of changing the skirt in school but because of my blouse too short, I have to pin it. If I change it in school will be very troublesome. So I wore everything and WALK TO SCHOOL!!!

On my way to school, everyone was looking at me!!!! They stared at me all the way, and that made me felt SUPER EMBARASSING!! I looked like an alien. =( Today, the way from the gate to laman maluri was SUPER LONG man!!! Finally, I reached laman maluri, no more an alien because everyone dressed nicely and waiting there.

Our sketch was very funny thats why we cant stop laughing. Ms.Tang kept telling us not to laugh and be serious but.. It was very funny!!! (maybe others find it normal but maybe we know what's gonna happen next so we laughed like mad) They said the funniest scene was when Shah screamed and broke the baby bottle. Hahaa...

After sketch, we took some photo in laman maluri. As usual, we, the girls were taking photo all the way from laman maluri to chalet. =P

~ 5A <3 ~

~ The dancers ~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM's Results

SPM's result is out today.

I was helping teacher in the hall. A lot of our ex seniors came back to take their results. It was so scary! Everyone was having the same face expression. Besides that happy because of meeting their friends, they were also VERY VERY NERVOUS as you can see on their faces.

When the results were out, some of them were screaming because they got their unexpected results. Of course some of them were sad. Some of them even dare not to see their result and hiding aside. Me sitting beside looking at all these happening, listening to their cheering and clapping, I felt so scary and SO SO STRESS!!! This made me to study more so that I will become one of them some day, cheering for my own results.

Anyway, this year BC's results were bad because of the new grade. I read from newspaper, school's from Penang only got 19 students got A+ for BC. Penang's BC standard are always the best and now some of the schools even break their record because they got no A+.This is our goverment, Malaysia's goverment, is same like our school's politic. Although it is so unfair, but we cant do anything. All they said is always correct what...I wonder what is our MCA doing, I sincerely hope that they can voice out the problem for us. Or else, 10 years later, I cant imagine what will happen.

P.S : Remember to return all your books including SPBT books and LIBRARY's books or else you will be like some of them today, wait for so long and the heart gonna explode and teacher told them : ' You haven return your book so you cant get your results.'

If I was them, I will feel like killing myself. I dont think my heart will be manage to pump at that moment.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

H1N1 Holiday

Today was a 'holiday'!!!
ya holiday..
Actually is because of the H1N1 in our school,
ms.tang said,
"We are free to quarentine ourselves.."
being a good student,
I think I better stay at home. =P
Woke up at 10 something this morning,
had breakfast,
planning to do some homework later,
tomorrow is a holiday again!!
no lar, I wanna quarentine myself.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Woke up SUPER EARLY in the morning today!!!
6.30 I had a tuition!!!
So tired...
After tuition went for breakfast,
then we went to dad's new factory.
The factory was quite 'old',
and dirty because it was a tyre factory.
Dad said it needs time to renovate.

This afternoon received msg from friends,
saying there are another 2 H1N1 cases in our school,
and lyn told me we are free to quarentine ourselves (ponteng),
Take care our friends,
Pray hard for them!!!

Just now when I online,
Saw a lot of the sports day photo,
They are just so nice!!
Our memories~~


After marching!!

~ Celebrating!! ~

In Macdonald!

=) I <3 THIS!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Finally I have time to blog...

Today we had sports day,
It rain at first but super hot in the afternoon.
Everyone was so tired.
We did a good job PPS!!!
Cheer for yourselves!!!

Having tuition tomorrow morning,
Lot of homeworks waiting for me...
When I think of them,
my heart gonna BREAK!!!
After holiday having exam,
din even start anything...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Full Paper =(

Still there is lot of homeworks waiting for me...
Today heard from teacher we are having...
FULL PAPER in the coming test!!!!!

we had this malurian's idol today,
and Sharon and Min hua are on of it.
I heard them singing from the downstairs,
erm have no idea because it was not really clear..
Today mum came to see Mr.Kumar,
but I dont know what they have discussed but..
by seeing mum's reaction,
I think everything is fine.