Friday, November 26, 2010

3 Subjects Done

Oh gosh! I miss my blog so so much!

Well, finally this stupid SPM started 3 days ago.
All the papers are okay but I am kinda worry for my history paper.
I had problem on my objective, as usual and,
I was like writing and creating my own stories. 

Btw, the first day of exam I was so so so nervous.
But now slowly I am used to it already.
Now, what I hope is stupid exam faster END!!
I cant wait for the LIFE AFTER SPM!!!!
I got so so so much thing to do!!!

Shall back to studies. =)

18 days more,
for SPM to OVER!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm really SORRY! =(

Allow myself to blog today,
because I attend TWO SEMINARS today,
which took me 7 HOURS sitting on the chairs!!!!!
So, even though I blog,
still not that guilty.
(but now the guilty feeling is on the way.)

Went to Mr. Pang's party yesterday. Had an accident, I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY VERY VERY VERY SORRY TO YOU, CHEE KUAN. Do accept my apology. I felt very guilty. *sob* It happened like this, I went to the centre because I didn't know where was ckuan's house. So I called her and she said she would fetch me. Then, when we were about to reach her house, she drove quite fast and accidentally bang her own gate and caused her car's signal or the lamp to broke too. I am so so sorry because IF I didn't request for fetching me, she wouldn't have the accidentally just because she was nervous that we will be late. SO SO SORRY! 

The party!

Photo of me! =)

Outfit of the day.

That's all.
(actually there are more but, I shy!)

9 DAYS MORE TO SPM!!!!!!!!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

The Very Last Day

Finally, settle all the photos and comments.
Free to blog now.

Today was our last day of school. I mean the OFFICIALLY LAST DAY! Tomorrow onwards we would not be going to school anymore and one week later, it's our exam already! Early morning it was raining, we couldn't have the proper assembly in the tapak but having it in the new hall. We had this Majlis Restu where we were suppose to go around and shake every teacher's hand to get blessings from the teachers. Of course we were crazy taking pictures too! =)
Click Graduation Day


Let's Jump!




I sat with her for the past 4 years! =(

Last of course, this thing. =P

Beside, celebrated Sharon's birthday yesterday. It was a surprise to her! I hope she enjoyed. =)


Love one!

Great, when they said we do not have to go to school anymore. I seriously felt so scared and freaked out. It likes SO SUPER NEAR TO SPM!!! Today, we arranged our tables and chairs for SPM. I am sitting behind, the second last one. I was talking to Chung that I wanted to sit in front because it doesn't look so scary when you cant see everyone. Now, when I looked up, I can see EVERYONE AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! So if I couldn't answer and looked up saw everyone was writing and scribing, I WILL SERIOUSLY FREAKED OUT AND PANIC! Sob. God, help me!

Talking about god, today we had this blessing ceremony where the monks came. The thing that really pissed me off is why cant the students respect a bit? I mean even though they are not really into what they are saying,    just respect them and keep quiet right? Playing with the strings they gave and trying to make all kind of jokes! STUPID! ( Dont misunderstand, I am not a Buddhist but a Taoism, just felt that they are so RUDE! )

People, same for me,


Monday, November 8, 2010


Out of no where feeling like blogging.

Study half way, quite bored and sick of it!

Recent news- Grandpa is now back at home! 
He is emitted into hospital for the past 3 days because he had some urinary problem. So for the past 3 days, we took turn to go to the hospital to take care of him. I only went twice because wanna stay at home to study. Out of my expectation, there are quite a lot of Chinese nurses there. I told mum and she said that is a Chinese hospital, Tung Shin Hospital. The nurses there was quite cute, enjoy their job I guess? They always joke with us. And knowing my grandpa, his malay and english are cacat, the most funniest thing is he talks malay to a chinese nurse! I laughed my tears out because just right after I looked at her nametag - L.L Siew, and grandpa asked him ' Bila boleh balik?' Haha. Thanks god that grandpa is now okay, safe and sound!

Yesterday went to cousin sister's kindergarten. They are having concert yesterday so she asked mum for help, to help those kids to make up and so, mum asked for my help. At first I didn't wanna follow because wanna study but I was having headache yesterday, so go and help since I cant study. We reached there quite early but around 4pm, all the kids came. They were so CUTE!! but yet noisy. There is this Cikgu Doris, a Chinese teacher, being so fierce and shouting all the way to shut them up. Haha. Kids nowadays are really quite SCARY! But the way they sit quietly wait for you to make up, to apply eye shadow for them is really cute! Fighting, shouting, crying, chatting, showing off, this is what we do in kindergarten ya? Haha, had to tell them, fight again later I draw pig on your face, make till very UGLY! Then only they keep quiet and gave the innocent face. Ish, sat there for how many hours, once I stood up, back pain like mad. POoor thing. *sob* But I had fun looking at their innocent face, talking the childish thing, looking at me, calling me teacher pulak, looking at their friends face after make up and laughed. Haha, the feeling is great!


Okay, should back to study.


Saturday, November 6, 2010




好啦,很肯定的是,你的记忆力好得吓人!什么东西都记得咧,厉害! 很诚实的说,我不记得你在哪里和我要签名,而且我还没有替你签到?真是抱歉,只是想要你们多了解学长学姐们,不是特地不睬你啦。如果要给毕业感言, 朋友们当然是舍不得,但让我最不放心的就是你们一班PPS。 拿到了这个职位,负的责任当然大,要担心你们纪律不好,又怕你们不听话。 大家最能感受到PPS精神的时候,就是运动会和去camp的时候。被抽中去参加国民服务,我是很开心,但最近才想到可能不能参加明年的运动会,不能到学校给你们打气,不能去学校看你们练习替你们加油,不能和你们一起流汗,一起晒黑,真的很伤心。放心, 现在你已经学会走直线,记得要教学弟学妹们,替美琪分担责任, 把PPS的精神传下去!我知道操步是很辛苦,而且结果很不公平,但是要记得, 重要的是过程!如果我可以的话,一定一定会回去替你们打气!PPS的将来就靠你们了!我知道你们不会让我们失望的。

紫莹,其实从去camp到现在,你已经进步很多。我记得那时你不够自信,不敢和别人讲话,不敢看对方的眼睛。但是现在,经过朋友们的鼓励,你的信心应该最近不少。 你很善良,很乖,但是记得要小心,不要让别人利用你,遇到不喜欢的东西要勇敢说不,要有自己的主见。不是每个人都会珍惜你的善良, 千万不要让别人欺负,世界不是那么美好,要关心自己!你脸臭臭真的很吓人,要多笑,什么事情都可以解决的。



Thursday, November 4, 2010

20 Days

My blog gonna forget me!
Didn't blog for so long, till I dont know what to write!

Today is kononnya, the last day of school. Actually we can still go to school next week as the principal said, the school is always open for us. But then, most of us are not going to school anymore, we choose to study at home. Pn Low said if our house's environment are not suitable for us to study, we can go to school to study, aww thats how nice of her! We appreciate it but I can only study at home, as all my friend know, I am a well-knowned mulut murai! Hehe.. So sorry my friend, I have to be a nerd at home. =)

Since today is the 'last day', for sure we took lotsss of photo. Photos are all on facebook! =)

Our 'mama' xD

Ai-ya Ah kor for two years. =)

So, tomorrow onwards are holidays for Deepavali, and study leave.
20 Days left.
I really cant imagine what will happen.

Finished history seminar just now, almost 5 hours. I was so sleepy and so tired. Really sick of seminar!! But 4 more to go! Haih. *sob* Thanks Siva for teaching me the sejarah, luckily I have him as my teacher, if not, me, so forgetful person wouldn't be scoring A for my History. He said now is not too late to study, as long as you did work hard, as in VERY HARD! Spend almost all the hours to study. When he was talking about that, my eyes really stared at him and kinda envy. I AM GONNA DO WHAT HE DID! He said he never believe to relax at the last minute, last minute is the time to STUDY!! For once, I kinda respect him as a teacher. (not really like him because he used to be too proud and like to show off infront of the students, the most important, he doesn't respect WOMEN! ) Thats another story for that, we shall talk about that next time...

Last badminton on coming saturday...
Looking forward. =)