Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hall of our Memory

Blogging must become a habit so that I wouldn't ignore my blog.

Monday we went to a relative's dinner in a hall, a hall where we went for our SPM Chinese Talk. So much of the memories!!! Remember we were all at the VIP seat and were sleeping during the talk. Time flies!

Brother with his new hairstyle! *aeroplane hairstyle*
The decoration in the hall were more like a christmas party right?

OMG! Finally finished our 6 HOURSSS Biology replacement class on Friday.
That was like a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE!! 
But still, we successfully finished 5 hours only because everyone was so tired with the so sick face, so sir is forced to call off the last hour class and we'll drag monday's replacement class instead.
Lesson of the day, please don't be happy or excited for any cancelled bio class!

And finally, I bought the new calculator. I don't really the new one because I still in love with my old one but am forced to give it to my brother. SAD CASE! Be good to me, new calculator. 

Pearly is going to have a so called 'study trip' to my house for almost 1 week because her house is going to be renovated. Pray to god, please let this monster stay peace and don't break anything again in my room, not the wall, window handle, water heater the shower thingy anymore! MONSTER, we need to study!

MPW exam is next week! But till now we don't even know what to study on, is sir going to give us any tips?  May god bless us. =(



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