Monday, January 9, 2012

This is good.

Wanted to blog since saturday, but I was a lil busy.

Went for badminton last saturday, so long didn't exercise and I played like an old woman. =D Had some training sessions with brother, he taught me some skills because I always want to improve my skills. Planned to go to 1u after badminton, but mum went out with her car outside blocking my car and without leaving her car keys. That's the end lar of my plan! =( Finally Eryn and Minh came to play wii. It's been a long time also, we have been ignoring the wii for the past few months. xD

Sunday we were supposed to go to 1u after breakfast, but what to do? Plan never works. Sigh. All of them bought their new clothes and were not free. Sob.. Plan off for the second time. Went to Jinjang with mum. Granny's memory is getting worse, she don't remembered what she did and she doesn't know what she suppose to know. That's very sad yet we can't do anything for her except packing her cupboard, trying best to make her happy. PRAY HARD TO GOD FOR HER! =)

Today is like, the officially school day. I went to school WITH MOOD TO STUDY! =D Getting use to our new timetable. Got back our maths result. Mr Sho was disappointed with our results, he expected better from us. *guilty* My marks wasn't that bad but better than the previous one, yet I am not really happy and satisfied with it, because I know I can do better than this.

OH!! Watched a cute movie today, straight after class.

Haha, I know it's kinda late and it was my first time watching, just because of Lalitha. Wasn't that childish and ridiculous as what I thought, kinda cute and nice movie! LOVE THEODORE! =)

Am trying my very best to be a good girl, following my timetable and do what I should do. 
It's near and I know I got not enough time. =(



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