Saturday, October 22, 2011

After 9 months


 Oh my gosh, was so busy past few weeks for the first term exam. Didn't even check my fb. After spending few weeks for the presentation, I got only few days for the exam. But still, I managed to study and prepare myself for the exam.
The exams weren't that smooth, BAD actually.

First exam, Chemistry.
We DID STUDIED a lot and well-prepared for the chemistry exam. But, the paper was like not related to what we studied. *HALF DEAD*

Second, Pure Maths.
Didn't study and concentrate on that because we had Biology on the same day. Great, I was SUPERP, PANICKING during the WHOLE exam. FREAKED OUT LIKE MAD, because we got not enough time. But at last, managed to finish it.

Third exam, Biology.
As you know, biology always got lot lot lotsss of things to memorise. Even though we had the tips, but some question still, sob sob, dont know how to answer. We tried to crap but we failed. Didn't even know how to crap. *DEAD*

Fourth exam, Statistics.
This time was calm and steady. Everything was good. When I am doing the second last question, teacher said 'You still got 5 minutes extra to check and stapler your paper.' WHAT THE??? I haven didn't read the last question. Okay, no worries, everyone faced the same problem. =)
P.S : Thanks to the guy, so that I know I drew my graph wrongly during the exam and had time to draw again. =P

Conclusion, first term exam is like SHIT! SHIT result is expected.
So dear mummy and daddy,
please forgive me.


Saturday, October 1, 2011


How can I not blog for more than two weeks? I wonder. =(
Was too busy for studies.
Had lot of things to do.
Eforum, Presentation, Homework, test and exam on the way....
I AM SUFFOCATING!!! *sob sob*

Slept kind late yesterday to finish off my MS eforum, the tough and killing questions, ASEAN? I can tell that it never stay on my mind for more than 3 seconds. All I know is it's some Asia organisation thingy. Now he is asking for it may experience fall, then with the killing word there, 'DISCUSS!!" What to discuss? I didn't even know it. Haha, So what I did, did some research from net, probably know what happened then type it out. Aiya, whatever, just wanna finish it off so that I can concentrate more on my presentation.

And, finally,  got my presentation shirt and skirt. AWESOME!! Haha. Kinda looking forward for the presentation because I hope that we can ROCK the audience, as long as I dont freak out, my group members don't freak out. PRAY HARD everything will be fine. =)

Just finished off my ME eforum too. YAY! No more eforum! But I am more nervous for the test and exam which may kill us because I got nothing that I learnt left in my mind. HOW?! Gonna eat and swallow the booksss! *sigh* Ignore me, was so rush to blog so that I can continue my work, thats why I am a bit crazy.

And lately, we have a lot of scandals in college. *faint* But compare to past few weeks, college life now seems to be the real college life because we were so sO SO SUPER BUSY and more fun and jokes everyday, not that bored anymore.