Saturday, February 26, 2011

After Graduated

Had the BEST outing today with my sistas, Lyn, Carmen and Sharon. The weather was so super hot today! But,  the sun wasn't important, the most important is... I AM DRIVING TO THE CURVE! Honestly, I AM quite scared and worried because I never been through tolls and highway before this. But luckily we were now, safe and sound. We met a XHOLE when we were looking for parking. We waited for a parking for quite some time and after the car was gone, the stupid XHOLE just straight park into MY-gonna-be parking!! I was so mad! I admit we were in the wrong direction but then everyone is doing the same thing!! Doesn't mean that you can bully a P okay? I hate him!! 

Ignore him. I had so much fun today. Watched I AM NUMBER 4, that movie was great! An awesome movie with cool and HOT actor, (hold on, I found his name!) ALEX PETTYFER!!! He is HOOOT! 

Took pictures with sistas! Camwhoring like crazy! xD

Called sir to confirm about the date, for SPM RESULT!!!
He said most probably is on 8 of MARCH!
Yeah, I gonna open my eyes while counting sheeps on the night before!
*sob sob*


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I wonder why

First Question
Why is it so jam today? 
It jam TERRIBLY on my back from work. Serious stucked man, wont even move. Took two hours to reach home. Stupid jam cause me couldn't take my lens. 

Second Quesion
Why nowadays parent couldn't pay more attention on their children? 
There was this girl in my centre, whom her parents are too busy till no time to look after them? It is too ridiculous, their uniforms are all stucked in plastic and never ironed, her bag was fulled with food that couldn't finish for dont know how long till you can see ants all over her bag, her spelling and ejaan are always zero, sometimes they even forgot their uniform and because of that skipped school. I wonder why? You do not have the responsibility to teach and look after them, then why are you creating them? You earn much money to keep for your children but they end up become stupid?! *sigh* 
I try to help her and teach her but it is too hard when parents don't want to cooperate.

Third Question
When is brother getting his car?????
I can't wait to drive alone!!!

* I wanna go facial!

* I wanna go shop!

* I wanna eat!

* I actually told my mum what happened!! Heee...



Sunday, February 20, 2011


I wanna change my blogger template but I am having problem with some stupid dont know what zip and unzip file. I need help!!! Am now so bored of my template. Pleaseee, help! *sob*

Btw, life is still good till now. Guess what? I haven get bored of my teaching life because I am surrounded with a group of lil kiddies which spice my teaching life up. Teacher ask us to stay till end of march to help her because she is renovating her house and she will be busier as time goes by. And, I might not going for dentistry after listening advices from dear daddy and mummy, uncle and auntie, teachers and my beloved friends. It takes long time and costs a looooooot. So now my current plan is taking A level then only I decide. But then A level sounds so challenging and I am afraid that I couldn't cope with it. So I am not going to dental clinic to work and may be staying there.

Result is gonna be released soon!!
Everyone is asking about my result and I almost faint because heart attack. They were like keep on reminding me about the nightmare which I didn't wanna face it obviously! 

NS on the way!

Daddy is gonna buy bro a car so I can drive my OWN car without fighting and lining up for that stupid advanza! 

And people, I forgot to give you guys the souvenir I bought and sorry they are the nicest I can find.

THANKS EMILY for helping me for the zip zip file!


Sunday, February 13, 2011


A short update!

I wonder why, I am so lazy to uplate my blog nowadays. Seem like the cityville is doing a great job, addicting me! Going to... REMOVE IT!!!

Went to dad's office yesterday, he had an buffet lunch. All the uncle and aunt, mr.boss and mrs.boss will be there. Of course, some of my relative went too. Had fun with the lion dance!

 Getting ready!


Feeding the lion watermelon! xD


Might be changing work next month...


Monday, February 7, 2011

Here I Am


Back from Thailand. But then, started work today. DROVE TO WORK with brother's accompanies. However, everything goes well. Heeeeee.... Might drive to work alone next week.

CNY is not over yet!! For me, I mean us, it begins on this thursday night! WOO! Hehe. I am so LOOKING FORWARD for this thursday night! It will be very very noisy but exciting, sorry for those who cant sleep well because I am one of them too!! It is GREAT FUN every year!!

Some pictures on CNY!

Noob smile in the middle. =P

Smile People!