Monday, March 28, 2011



I wonder why, everytime when I wanna start a post, I feel like typing MAMMA MIA!! 

Haha, so life still goes on after getting the result. 
Uncles and aunties were congrating me for the result. In fact, I am not really satisfied with my so call straight A's. Frankly speaking, they are not applicable so till now I am still wondering what's my next step in my study life. *sob*

I am teaching till 13 of April. And after that, I will be measuring the land at home. 

Got my NEW glasses today, it's purple in colour. A bit not used to it because of the increase in power.

Tried to curl up my hair for yesterday's dinner! Not bad huh, just the colour matter. SOON, I will dye it!

Yes, I don't really care now.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Passed the TEST!

Yes, Jia Sern. I am quite late too!

23/3- A nightmare for all of us. As I said, a heart-attack-test! Early morning, had breakfast with sistas in McD. I was so numb that time, no feeling at all but then my dear parents keep calling me to ask about my result when I was still in mcD! I was so speechless! You know, 3 of us couldn't even finish a big breakfast box, because we all had butterfliesssssss in the stomaches! 

After breakfast, at first plan to come to my house. But then on the way back home, ms.Chai called Emily that the result was RELEASED! So they decided to go to school straight! *MAMMAMMIA!!* Heart almost beat out and BURST! Met lotz of friends in school but everyone can't talk, CAN'T BREATHE! We just smile to each other.

Shah was the first to take and the first to get STRAIGHT A's! Everyone was cheering and screaming for his result. So, here the STRESS come! Nobody dare to sit on the chair. Moment that I remembered, I was lying up behind Lyn and sooner I realised that everyone is squeezing infront, so do I. Still in my mind, Mandy asked me to go and I asked Lyn to go. Cheih Yin was saying she wanna go first then comes Chung Mae. So Chung go first and she got straight A's. I was SO SUPER DUPER NERVOUS! And I decided, just go! Once I sat down, teacher showed me my result and I SCREAMED! I got straight A's!  

Called dear mummy, daddy, mr.Gopala and mr.Pang. Was hugging friends and receiving their wishes! Thank you buddies! Was happy at first but now, kinda sad. Should have done better huh? Don't be greedy LS!

Anyway, thank you all my teachers and THANK GOD for giving me that result!

Finally, I passed the heart attack test!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Heart Attack-ing

GOSH! I know, I know...

Uncle and aunties, STOP ASKING ME!! I still couldn't get myself ready for that, you know? It's like a heart attack test. OMG!

Ignore that! So, I had two days plus weekend, four days holiday. Because I work in a daycare centre, thats why I cant have one week holiday! *so sad* Frankly speaking, one day is very enough for me! The second day I realised that I have nothing to do, it was so bored at home! I wonder how my friend survive huh? Carmen?

Went to 1u for movie and bowling on last Thursday. Brothers and pearly have not watch before, so I went there for second time. I was so crazy! Laughing before the scene. HAHA! Had Sakae Sushi before that! Too bad the computer was spoiled, we had to order one by one. Played bowling. Long time didn't play that, it was fun though! Brother is having butt pain now, OLD MAN! HAHA! And actually friend, I found a bag in ROXY which is so AWESOME, correction- not only ONE, ALL of them! But I'm not greedy at all! You know, my birthday is NEXT! (actually two months later) But still, keep that in mind huh? Heeee...

I am working till end of this month. And after that, I have to settle my college stuff, make a decision on courses and colleges. NS IS ON THE WAY! Have to get a new spectacles, since lens would be troublesome in camp, and my glasses now is 100 power lesser. *getting ready for NS*

And, it have been months I never go back to school. I miss my PPS-es! Will be back soon!

Background music updated! OLIVIA ONG, I knew her from 1u Music Carnival, her voice is powerful!

Last one, 


Hope all the best for you and your love one, monkey or donkey? 
And finally, you are 18! Behave ya, you know, LOVE IS BLIND! Haha.

Take care!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Firstly, to show that I am EXTREMELY HAPPY! I will continue my post with pictures of my beloved HERO- Lee Chong Wei!! xD


And, the BEST news that colours my days up!


Had a 1 minute thought of being a Chinese Teacher. =P


Saturday, March 12, 2011


I wonder, what happened on Japan now is it because of what we studied in History-Kezaliman Jepun?

Btw, watched the LIVE news yesterday on the Earthquake. PITIFUL! TERRIBLE earthquake and tsunami! Pray hard for the japanese! 
Heard that even Beijing felt the shake, called up parents who are in Shangai and thanks god there are nothing there. Safe and sound!



SPM result is CONFIRMED RELEASED on 23th march!!!
When I saw the news on newspaper, my heart gonna fall down man!! HEARTATTACK! Seriously, very nervous for the result. I scare I can't get what I want! I think I am gonna be dissapointed! ARGH!! *forget it forget it, it's OVER*

Another news!
First batch is coming back soon! And it means that second batch's list in on the way. Quite excited for that. But heard from those uncle and aunties, saying that they became darker, fatter, and most worried- PIMPLES! A bit afraid now. Hope I get a good camp!

Next week is school holiday = my holiday!
But sadly, I am working till Wednesday!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Holidayss...

Parents are off to Shanghai 5 hours later.

Brother got his new Persona today!

I am driving to work this week!

And TOTALLY FREE this week!

Getting my salary tomorrow, I guess.

Celebrated Carmen's 18th birthday this afternoon at Kay's Garden.

My CARBONARA was finger-licious!!

New nail polish on my toe!

Off to bed.
Take care people.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update of My Life

Latest news- SPM results will be released on the THIRD WEEK OF MARCH!!

...which is so dissapointing! I am ready for it and now they are gonna postpone it! Sigh. I should have followed my mum to SHANGHAI! 

Update of my life :


Actually he is a good boy, Guan Yu.

A mistake that made me laugh! 'Panty hat' Can you imagine? xD

Man Jun! Cute but REALLY slooow...


Teacher Pearly!

Meet my darling!

-Qing Qing- 

Admitted into hospital because of dont know what disease. Getting well soon. 
All the best for her!

Outing with friends tomorrow.

Favourite shirt! Heee...

Yeah, sometimes I really don't get it.