Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love you, emily!

Don't feel like blogging, but it seems like kinda long time I left out my blog.

This Raya break, I got no holiday. I got homework for all the 3 subjects, and two MPW presentations. SIGH! Had a open book bio test on last friday. It sucks! I mean I suck! Couldn't answer most of the question which I wasn't there during the lesson, so have to use this holiday to revise and study back what I have missed. And after the break, I have a chem test which is NOT a open book, DIE LAR! So my dear friend, I have to stick at home this holiday. (Badminton is acceptable) =)

You know, I hate myself for forgetting everything. Why am I always so forgetful? Remember things that should be forgotten, but forgot things that should be remembered. Haih. I am very disappointing about this sickness. What should I do?


It's your sweet 18th and enjoy it.
Seems like everyone is teasing your small eyes, but I know you are proud of them, right?
BEST WISHES and HUGSS for you! <3

Saturday, August 20, 2011



Finished homework.

STUPID STATS, I dont know how to do, confused of the conditional probability. GOSH!

Going to dad's office tomorrow to print what I should print, the notes.

Got my account in Hong Leong Bank and my debit card.

Heeee... =)

But what's the point lar? Lack of money.

Have to study for chemistry and biology, 


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hormone Inbalance

Another week passed.
Let's see what I did this week.
As though I remember.

What I remembered was, 
I went to 1u on Friday after class to have lunch, Sushi Zanmai! Heee... Best, so long I never had it. Went to MPH after lunch to check out the Chemistry reference book. It is so expensive and heavy! No way I am gonna carry it to college everyday. 

Yesterday went star plus BADMINTON AGAIN! Heeeee... Fall in love in badminton, one week at least sweat once. Played badminton with pearly, eryn, chris, joel and emily. Must maintain it every week. Oh ya, talking about badminton, LEE CHONG WEI AKU DAH MASUK FINAL!! Heeeeeee... Love man! Go chong wei, beat down stupid Lin Dan. =)

Past few days, college, homework, experiment. Everyday from 8am to 5pm. No choice, to save money, we have to tolerate everyone. Btw, why are we doing Titration everytime? Few pictures while doing experiment, haha. I finished my experment too early. 

Photos taken in the car, terribly jam.

Okay now, the emo part.
My chemistry really sucks! I don't remember my form 5 syllabus, dah lar hate chemistry. Coming chem test on 7/9, I think I am gonna fail it. =(
Was very confused on what happenning around me. Sick of all the problem lar. I am feeling insecure after the camp. Can anyone tell me the truth? What's happening actually? Jealousy? I am sick, mentally disrupted. OMG! I HATE YOU!
Had a weird dream few days ago, anyhow it's not gonna happen again.

Miss the moment. 


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good Starting?

I am free! for NOW.
Gonna fall asleep during chemistry class just now.
Penat ba.
This few days I rarely sleep early because of my homework and my phone.
Haha, this is me.
But at least i finished my homework and hand in.
This is called college life?

Yesterday after class, went to Tropicana City with Pearly, Eryn and Sharmela. It's like RANDOM. Eryn said she wanted to buy ink for her printer so we just go, like that. And I was wearing my kdu t shirt, felt like wearing a uniform to a shopping centre. Haha. But I really had fun yesterday. All this while is like so stress because of the new environment, new friend. Enjoyed yesterday having fun loitering around. People, this is the real me! crazy!

Wanna o 1u this friday, MPH to check whether I can get my A level reference book or not. Need to revise back everything. I am like left behind for the two science subjects. I know nothing, forgot everything.

I spent a lot.

Gosh, when is my face gonna get fairer back?
I dont want my line on my neck. =(


Saturday, August 6, 2011


I miss my camp bah.
Kem Setia Ikhlas Semenyih.
BP 205 kompeni ALPHA!

What is so memorable about my NS?
This is what I miss.

Woke up at 5am everyday and it used to be EXTREMELY EARLY for me.
Alarm rang and I offed it, next my dear Kasturi will wake me up.
Walked to the toilet with a super blur face without glasses, so actually early morning I couldn't see all the faces. Haha.
Tied a bun everyday, and when I just started to tie, it looks like shit. Haha.
Lined up, berbaris everyday and when we just reached padang, before the muslim came out, everyone was sleeping. =P
Every morning our beloved OC, An'an will kira strength.
'Bariiiis, bariiis sedia!' ' Senang diri!' 'Bariiis sedia!'
The music when we march into the padang which I forgot. Heee..
'Pagi-pagi malas kau, kau patah balik! kau patah balik!'
'Rapat tumit, rapat tangan, teruuuus pandang depan.'
'Macam biasa, wira depan, wiarwati belakang.'
3 laps of tasik together with my dearest friend.
Lari lari~ Alpha lari~ =P
Breakfast together and yet some of them will choose to sleep.
No choice, we are too exhausted.
All alpha wati members line up for food together.
Using the big tray like being jailed and washed it.
Change to baju kelas after breakfast.
Gather at logistik to wait for wira, and everytime ALPHA is the lastest.
We always tease them, sabar bah, wira alpha kena make up. =)
UP to check our nails, and sing the 1 Malaysia song with actions.
Go into the class for all of module.
Fall asleep in class but all the activities are AWESOME!
Wait for 10.30, for the tea break. =)
Back to class till lunch.
Change clothes again for afternoon's activities.
Solat time is our SLEEP time. 
Apply the sunblock as though it is free. xD
Beware of the weather, and rushed up to dorm when it is gonna rain.
Miss all the marching, TTS, Kraf hutan and Pertolongan Cemas.
Have tea break on 4.30pm.
Solat again = sleep again.
SUKAN RIADAH which we enjoyed very much.
Bathed and dinner.
Kelas agama at night.
Kira strength and go back to dorm.
Roll call.
Wash clothes and supper.

Bath , joke and sleep, TOGETHER!
Get punished either around the tasik or at dorm, TOGETHER!
Get into the final of futsal competition, TOGETHER!
Slept during ALL the ceramah, TOGETHER!
Sing and dance before class, TOGETHER!
Get scolded, or counselled, cried, TOGETHER!
Attend class and played game, TOGETHER!
Stand and marched under the hot sun, TOGETHER!

Tepuk tepuk ALPHA!

I miss all of you...

Vivian, my best friend in camp,
she understands me alot. We always tease her because she is an active scout.
Thanks for being my listener and giving me advices. 

Wendy. My best friend in camp,
 although we had some misunderstanding, but at the end we still solved it.

Zakiah. My baby in camp.
She is my first closest malay friend. I learn a lot from her.
She cried terribly when I left, heartsick! =(

Ella. My disturbance in camp.
 She likes to disturb me with all her craps,
 but also she is the one who cared for me when I had my migraine,
mood swing, allergic and all the craps. She is a great friend!

Elaine, My another sister in camp.
 I talked all my rubbish story to her, and she will always be there when I need her.


Nik, our mama, (the middle one)
she is the one who taught me the Doa Penerang Hati.

Amoy, everytime I see her, she will only say one word, Saranghaeyo Ling!

Zila, our TOC, she is CRAZYYYY!
Because of that, our dorm will be always full of noise.

Fatin, she is shy but she improved and she is cute!

Farah, gendot we called her. Haha. She is nice and friendly.

Nurin, my bathmate. Haha, We used to bath together everynight.

An an, our OC. She is man, but at the same time, she is caring and I like her.

There are more and sorry that I couldn't tell one by one.

Buddhist Youth Class

BEST teacher- Cikgu Alia

Adah, me, Ain

Wati Alpha.



BP 205

Me, Lyn

I love my PLKN life.
I will remember what I learnt in camp,
all the lessons and values,
promises that we made to succeed ourselves in future,
our memories which is short but precious and sweet.
Sorry for leaving early,
seeing all of you cried because of me,
believe or not, 

All the best to you guys.