Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welcome back!

What I did this week?

I am so lazy to blog but so much thing to tell. Haha.

My first class was on Wednesday, it's a maths statistic class. Meet out lecturer Ms.Tee. She is new and young and I was quite surprised, but she is nice. So I met all my lecturers and my friends. My Bio lecturer, Mr Leong is good enough, he talks really fast, so that you have to pay FULL concentration like you can't even blink your eyes and day dream for 1 second. You will miss something. Our maths teacher, I don't know what his name still. Haha. But he is nice, a father look. He jokes a lot in class and tried to mix with us. But the most important is he has experience.

Next, is my friends. Lalitha, is the first who I know. She is friendly buy honestly a bit noisy. The one that I like a lot, Nirvana. She is from Pakistan but lives in.... South America? I forgot. She is a pretty girl and friendly. I like her! Another one, Min from Viet Nam. His english is funny. Not considered handsome but okay. Who else? Alan from Sarawak, Corin from Sabah. Conclusion, only me a KL girl. I had fun with them, getting use to college life.

Did some experiments on the past few days.

Chem- Titration.

Bio- Microscoped on cell structure.

Ranunculus Root cell.

Zea Mays Monocot root cell

Dicot root.

COOL! I had fun doing all the experiment ON MY OWN
But great, you know what's my homework this weekend? 
Draw all the cell structure, there are SIX! 
Yeah. and you know, my drawing sucks!*sob*

Followed parents to office today to print my notes and do my homework. 
Bought a pair of new shoes, 

BUM shoes, which cost only 20 bucks. xD

and that day went to IPC bought some new t shirt for college.
Going to apply debit card soon.
Will post on NS soon, the last one. =(




Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am sick.

Am feeling a bit moody recently.

I don't know what happen to myself, my brain.
Was busy for homework this few days.
Shopped at IPC this morning and bought some new clothes.
Still, wasn't happy and even felt annoyed. *sigh*

After the camp,
I was told that I became more impatient...
And had changed, positively or negatively...

I wonder,
I still couldn't adapt to the life here?
I changed?
They changed?
They didn't change?
My miss-camp-sickness?
What happen to me?

Have got thousands of thoughts in my mind, 
together with problems and worries,
all clashing in my mind.

I need somebody to talk to.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today is LOVE.

Hehe, love what I did today. <3

Woke up at 6.45 this morning, jogged at DPC with sharon and emily. That emily, PIG! Haha, one laps of DPC park is really very big, compared to my tasik. Haha. So we managed to walk one lap, and run one lap. More to go, need to improve! Afterthat, wanted to have pan mee as breakfast, but then it was still closed because it's too early. So we went to the Vietnamese Restaurant in Sri sinar for our breakfast. Delicious though!

Back home and bathed. Fetched bro tuition then went to bank wanted to bank in my money using the ATM machine, who knows? FAILED. Is it really cant or just the stupid machine is too old? Went to book shop to buy stationary.

Did homework in the afternoon but couldn't finish because of the fellow came. Couldn't concentrate. Haha.
The most important, I DYE MY HAIR! Hehe, thank you mummy for helping. A bit imbalance my hair, but nevermind, first time right? Bro used my extra's solution. So now we have the same colour. =)



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

20 July

Went to KDU again today. Before that, went to the curve with pearly and her friends. Had lunch in Kim Gary Restaurant. Shopped in Ikano, wanted to buy t-shirt but finally, knowing me, I wanna buy more so I decided waited for parents to pay. *ngek ngek* 

Realised that my NS BSN card is a debit card. But dad is trying to get me a Hong Leong debit card since I have an account in Hong Leong. But then wait for his progress, I dont know how many years he needs. If I can have one, my pocket money will be bank into my account, using card is so... COOL! Haha, and I bought a touch and go card today too. I like doing things on my own, but then it seems to be a part of my stubbornness? =)

Checked my homework and textbook with Lalitha just now. Before that, Lalitha is my new classmate. GOSH! I have stacks of homework man! Pure maths and statistic. I also need to buy textbook, but then I choose to photostate. I borrowed two maths textbook from library. Anyway, thank you so much Lalitha. My A'Level friend actually asked me to go an outing tomorrow but I didn't follow. 

The sixth days, still, I am not used to it. 
Back to face all these problems, pills and homeworks.
I dont like my life now.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Wati Alpha

Today is a Monday.

I slept till 10 in the morning. Lol, unbelievable! 
I mean I dont want life like this. MEANINGLESS! 
So what I did today, I finished packing my room, cleared all the rubbish, prepared stuff for college, paid astro's bill for mum, checked my balance in my BSN account. 

I wonder how to describe my feeling. 
Seriously, I miss camp so so so much! I miss my buddies! 
When I was in Mcd Run, they were having sukan carnival on the other side. I was actually one of the player for futsal, as I told. I ain't a pro but we are in a team. I am sad for my leaving and I couldn't join them to fight for champion. Chill guys, you guys done well. 

There are lot of thing that I don't know how to tell. 



Time to continue my story.

We were all waiting for ceramah in the morning. This week we did flying fox. Talking about the flying fox, I enjoyed all the way but at the end, stupid! There wasn't a brake or stopper or whatever to decrease the speed but teacher used to pull when you reach there, so what you got is so uncomfortable as teacher chok so hard. Eee. I hate it. Besides, we played the kembara halangan. There are lot of them but too bad I didn't take any photo of them. Dropped into the water when I was playing monkey bar, laugh laugh. Only 3 people succeed to cross to the end and were dry. All of us were muddy and dirty after the activities, but WE HAD FUN! Muscle pain on the next day because of the monkey bar. Darker but then guess what? Pity the malays, their faces are worse because of the tudung. They got line on their faces. Oh ya, we got new modul this week, module kenegaraan. M16 on the following week. And this week my alpha dropped to number 3, we were so sad. =(

After breakfast and I was waiting.  This week we had shooting session. BEST! We woke up 3 something in the morning and went to a shooting place in serdang. Was so sleepy that day. My experience, before that day we had a day of thoery on M16. Learnt the structure and how to use the gun. Oh, soldiers from outside came to teach us. So back to that day. We queued to shoot, luckily I was in Alpha, so everything we are the first! 20 times. A precious experience but the recoil was so hard till I got bruise on my shoulder. I got 11 marks out of 100. Dont laugh, there are 3 people got 0 and lots of them below 10. Hahah, so be proud of your friend, ME! Hahaha. The highest in wira was 71 and wati 69. This week onward they are practising for penutupan, there was this silence marching that we called kawad senyap. COOL! They did all kind of formation without any comment but just hentak kaki. I actually represent my group for the futsal match. Haha, and thanks god that we managed to be into the final. KJ actually asked me to join the kawad senyap, but what to do? I am back here before the penutupan. =(

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Face the Fact!


Back to the real world.

Back to college.

Back to my blogging life.

Went to Mcd run this morning. Believe it or not, after NS, 7km run seems not a problem for me. Compared to last time, I run and walked like mad, need dont know how many years to reach the finishing line. Haha.


Went to KDU that day. Oh before that, my friend asked me what's full name of KDU. My answer is, I dont know man. Haha. Ended up my friend tease me gao gao. Haha, so sorry. I went to college to collect my hand book and report myself. Took my timetable. And guess what, next whole week I AM ON HOLIDAY! Wth? If I know earlier, will stay in camp lar! SAD! But still, thanks miss pearly and her friend, Lalitha for helping me on my college stuff.

My Handbook. Cool huh? 

Will tell my PLKN story sooner k? *LAZY*

What to do tmr?