Monday, January 31, 2011

We are READY!

I am ready..

We are ready..

Are you ready..?

for CHINESE NEW YEAR 2011!!!

Countdown for CNY!

Going Hat Yai during CNY, the second day.


Friday, January 28, 2011



I got my salary~

I got my salary~

NO way, no more asking me for treats. *tongue*

My salary, almost half gone. Gave to parents, grandparent and brothers. So now only half left in my pocket, and my mum said wanna bring me to buy something for memories. So on the end of the day, nothing will left in my pocket. What to do? First salary what.

Meet our little kiddies...

Little Boon Chun.
No comment, he is SMART!

Man Jun on the left, naughty and lazy but CUTE!
Boon Chun on the right, our favourite!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Can't Wait!

Back to wooork!

Going to get me salary SOON!

Talking about my work, actually is quite okay because I am slowly getting use to the monkeys there. Everyday, for sure scolding and beating is unavoidable. They wont appreciate if you treat them like little babies. But still, there are some smart and good one, like our beloved Boon Chun. He is really very very fast in learning, he can remember all the words that you taught him, so asking him and he knew how to answer is a GREAT RESPOND   , thats why everyone likes him. FYI, he is super cute!

Went to Metro Prima after work. Had KFC. Well, went there actually to buy a magazine to replace the one which I lost it. Sorry. But LUCKILY we got it. Bought some stuff. Btw, since I stop school, my pocket money STOP TOO! So I am using my own saving money to buy whatever stuff that I want. Once think about I am going to get my salary, I couldn't stop spending!! I bought a NECKLACE from forever 21, STEAMBOAT with friends, my own SHAMPOO, everyday's SNACKS.... I am going to BROKE!

Soon, January is gonna end.

CNY with LOVE!!!!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Car Car

Yesterday slept kinda late but woke up very early this morning.

Had breakfast with family and dad fetched me and brother to find the NS office in Wangsa Maju while lil brother follow mum went to Aunt's house to make biscuits for CNY.

After that, went to check on some cars because brother is going to buy a new car and the OOOOOLD Avanza belongs to me. Eee.. What to do? Beginners always start with some 'laobeh' car. 

Okay, so what car brother gonna buy....?

Alfa Romeo?


Of course he is not buying this lar.

Blur, Outifit of the day.

Tomorrow is a work day again.
I am going late.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Work Day

Okay okay...
I know I have not blog for yearss. Here I am. =)

I seriously dont have much to tell and sometimes too lazy to update because I was so ADDICTED to Cityville! So now, while waiting for my CORNS, I shall blog.

Today is the replacement of dont know what day of CNY I think. So they have their replacement class and we have our replacement teaching. Worked half day in the centre. Btw, today is our first day of teaching saturday class. They had arithmetic mathematic class and also the essay class on Saturday. We only have to teach essay. HOWEVER, their essays were like... When I hold the red pen, I dont know how to mark; when I marked this wrong, the whole class was wrong because they made the same mistake. When I correct ONE SINGLE WORD, I have to correct the whole class. MY GOODNESS! Only two or three of them made reasonable mistake. I was so shocked to see standard 4, 5 and 6's essays were so badly done. I was thinking what to do, but then I only teach for one saturday so I gave up, closed my eyes. The topic was sooooo EASY, 'Keluarga Saya' but then they didn't even know it is a must to add 'tahun' after the age. I ALMOST FAINT! *chillax* CLOSE EYE!

Went 1u with gat zat, lyn and her darling. We actually planned to go Time Square but the train was terribly stucked. So we took taxi to 1u. Planned to watch movie but we are a bit late so failed, again. Shopped around 1u and had lunch in Italianies. Didn't know how to order, ended up ordered some salad tasted like grass. Haha. Stopped at Romp before back, and wanted to buy but then we were in a rush. Pearly went into the fitting room then called me to have a look, she CLEARLY told me that she was in the second room. So I walked straight and open it. Guess what?! A GUY IS TRYING ON PANTS!! Eeee... I immediately apologized and walked out, then now only the sapo jumped out! ISHH! Not only that, forgot and left my beloved Hazel in the fitting room. When I got up onto the taxi, then only I realised. Quickly ran back to the shop and luckily the worker kept for me. Heeee.... Thank you so so much! And THANK YOU the gat zat also lar,  ran like a sapo back to the shop. Haha. Forgot about the unhappy part. Yeap, I went out without parent's permission. I asked dad but he still didn't allow so I just ignore him because brother went out too! The reason of me going out is why he can I cant? Then they speechless. *evil smile*

Going to the NS office tomorrow in Wangsa Maju I guess, to settle my NS stuff.
Wanted to change email address.
Gonna get my FIRST salary!

IT'S CNY!!!!


Monday, January 17, 2011



Woke up at 8am this morning and failed to sleep back because I WAS SO SO NERVOUS! Received sharon's message that she will fetch me earlier because her dad said is better for us to go earlier. Reached there by dont know what time, then waited for so long just to test on slope. Sharon, me and her friends were in Sesi Dua. I got no. 26, sharon no.27 and her friend 28. We waited for so so so long man, looking at others passing and failing, heart beat is increasing as we sit further front.

Finally i got up into the car. Trying all the clutch and brakes, the clutch was really loose and have to let go till very high. My engine died at starting once. I managed to get onto the slope, I thought I stopped too early but the examinor didn't tell me anything so I just continue. Balance with my clutch and oil, the first time I let go, the car wasn't moving and I was so nervous!! Then the engine died. I ALMOST PANIC THERE! Quickly pressed clutch and brake so that i wouldn't slide down, then start everything again. After the few seconds but then felt like how many hours there, I DRIVE DOWN! which means I PASSED MY ON SLOPE! Heeeeee! It was a looooooong pheeeew.... when I was driving down. Parking and 3 point turn was okay so I passed those thing.

Had lunch in canteen while waiting for the examinor. I was the first one again but this time the examinor was so so nice. He asked me not to be so nervous and even chat with me! Ask me where am I living, how was my spm.... Obviously calm me down. THE BEST PART! He helped me control my handbrake and taught me how to go on slope. BEST! So luckily, I PASSED! =)

Went to take photo today after work and paid for my P license.


Sunday, January 16, 2011


Went IMU today, had a great day there!

IMU is for sure very nice!
It even had the hospital smell, 
look clean and small clean.
We went for some counseling talk,
and also the career talk.
Besides, we had the chance to had a tour into their medical museum,
which they show all the body part of human that we learn which is real.
Mum complained they are disgusting, but we found fun because we studied all of them.

*stresss and tensed up*


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Evil Smile

I am back again.

Sorry lar, lately didn't really blog because my life is nearly the same everyday, and guess you guys wont like to listen to my kiddie story everyday right? Blog has become journal. Haha, talking about journal, remembered Ms Tang kept asking us to write journal when we were in form 4!!! Miss school and all the teachersss!!!

Had driving lesson this morning again! It is the extra class that I added but THE LAST CLASS! Next monday is my driving test but now I am already super nervous!! Going with sharon and I heard Jia Xin is going too. Today's lesson was FUN! When I was practising on the road on the scary slope, met Yew Juan and his friend in the car. I didn't realise at first but my instructor heard they horned and asked me are they my friend. I just quickly had a look on them and smile back because I WAS IN THE STUPID SLOPE! Then, on my way back to driving school, saw Jia Sern standing at the entrance of the golf club waiting for someone I guess? The second person I met. Next, when I was lining up at P5, saw christine in the car beside. GREAT FUN! We were both waiting and we even talked with hands pointing here and there. FUNNY! She said she is taking test on next monday too!!


Well, today went Tesco to watch movie. We watched GREAT DAY, it was DEFINATELY A GREAT MOVIE!! There was some funny part and some touching part, I even cried because of the story line. sob sob.. Btw, before we went for movie, we had lunch first and shopped awhile. That woman, SUPER INDECISIVE!! Just a decide on the lunch, she really made me faint man! I asked her what she likes then she said anything; When I said wanna eat A&W, then she said very bored; so I asked her what she want? The she said anything AGAIN!! So I went Subway, THEN! She said not nice!!! Lastly, go back to A&W AGAIN!! Really troublesome, you wanna let me decide I know but MY ANYTHING IS TRUE THAN YOURS, trust me. xD


Going for IMU's Open Day tomorrow.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Day

Am now so tired, out of energy.

Blog with pictures.
Yesterday went to 1U shop.
Bought not much clothes but many books.

A bit mature, didn't buy it. 



Sashimi. Yumm...

Got 3D glasses (paper-made)! =P

Heart this book, BODY LANGUAGE!


Standard 1 students.

3 years old learning chinese word.

Tried to write '1' but ended up drawing line. *headache*


Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Instructor?

Driving lesson earlier in the morning. Was practicing for driving test recently. Parking and three point turn I am okay with it. On slope I am okay in the practice area, but then go out if really have to apply on road, I am not that good. I will be nervous and heartbeat increase with the signal sound, I am serious. SCARY! Because of stupid uncle scolded me before so I am phobia already. Wanna kill him, can he just shut up and dont grumble so much! But today was okay, quite satisfied with it. Just on the road I have to be careful that sometimes the road is on slope, have to do balancing. 

Oh ya, my instructor scolded bad words when I was driving, of course not scolding me, but the stupid big lorry who wanted to cut me when I was turning to the right. Then the stupid lorry honed me when he failed to cut me and my instructor one hand helping me for my steering, another hand adjusting the window and then he scolded B****A!!! I was like STUNT! SCARY AS I TOLD.

So far, my work is okay. First afternoon I was quite sleepy but then after that was used to it. The following days seems more relaxing. We were forced to learn how to control the zombies and monkey from running here and there and making all kinds of noise. Of course, gonna have sore-throat because of talking loudly and shouted at the kids. But still, I enjoy the work. Little Man Jun was very cute! He cant really recognize words, so we will just pronounce it then he will follow. After I read 'abang', Pearly was teaching 'candle' behind, then he read abang as CANDLE! Haha. He is a stammer so he cant pronounce C and S correctly, ended up reading C as D. Haha.

Will be going for IMU's open day on 16 Jan.

No more piano exam this year! YEAH!

P.S : Work hard for the following test! I GIVE YOU LUCK! xD


Thursday, January 6, 2011



Today woke up quite early, reached the centre 15 minutes earlier. But the students weren't there yet, so we just wait. Today we taught them SCIENCE. Early in the morning is the standard one group which consists of only 5 students who I already knew their names. Man Ling who really very very man (slow) in EVERYTHING. Lok Tim who has four names instead of three and was having a injured chin, Chin Lun who is a Ben 10 fans and a gay partner of Lok Tim, Jing Tong who unable to sit well and everytime got scold by me and Li Yeng who has a small eyes but kinda quiet.

Great, while teaching and waiting, me and Pearly was kidding and stupid me hit the table, so now my knees are injured and purple in colour with a big bruise. Damn pain! YOUR FAULT PEARLY LIM!

Talking about pain, there were this little girl who has a plaster on hand but only a small injury. Each time I looked at her, then she will purposely cover her injury and 'ssshhh...' loudy, telling me that it is pain huh? Haha. I told her, dont act there and pearly was laughing beside. Another joke, there was this boy only 3 years old if I am not mistaken, not really good in writing. See what he had done.

Yes, this baba bebe bibi bobo and bubu.
The first line was still okay. 
Check out the following line.
I was laughing like mad and quickly show pearly his alien's language.
Pity him because we erased all of them and he had to redo.

PS : Driving lesson this weekend. Worried. =(


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Job

I got a job~
I got a job~

FYI, my first job ever in my life is a tuition and daycare teacher as I mentioned in Desa Jaya. Of course, I enjoyed working with the kiddies around and of course a sapo to joke with. We bought sweets today as we promised yesterday for the standard one students. Of course they were fighting for the sweets. There was this little girl named Man Ling, who really work very SLOOOOOW in her work, but she has a cute face. She likes to pester us for sweets and sometimes, lazy to copy, ask us to copy for her and she will do. 

Before their schooling time, they have to bath and all the kids naked around, KIDS ma, what to do? Then they gather around for lunch. Some of them eat till really slow, and some are too small, so we have to feed them. I always remember the little boy who 'YER' with such a cute tone when we feed him vege. Haha. Well, of course there are some very naughty's one who needs cane to keep them quiet. 

But then overall the job was okay. Just have to handle the kids and the sapo even said that the job is bored. Quite relaxing.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Job Hunting

When I just walked out from my dream, saw two people walking into my room. I was half-awake by that time and was scared in a sudden. Pearly and Cheih Yin. We were going to find job today and I was overslept because my recurrent wasn't set yesterday night. I was scared till woke up and realised that I am late. Sorry guys, I know you guys reached my house on time.

Reached Desa Jaya a tuition and daycare centre. We spent 2 hours there, trying to be a teacher. They said they only need one teacher but 3 of us went. So Cheih Yin tried the first but at last, 3 of us were playing and looking after the standard one kiddies. It was quite fun and not a bad environment as the job was quite relaxing plus I enjoyed spending time with the kiddies. But I am having some transport problem and the pay was okay only.

Tried to drive brother's car out for lunch. First trial although it was weird and quite scaring I know. But I need time lar k? Went to kok hing to have lunch.

Had another driving lesson today. Did stupid parking, 3-point-turn and on slope again. Started to hate my instructor, stupid uncle! ISH.. He should be patient a bit! It's quite confusing to do on slope's step on the road, can the traffic light turn green slower? I need more time to get ready. And stupid uncle stop grumbling beside me!!!

Went to Cheih Yin's house to continue our job hunting. First, went to a tuition centre near the area. They only need one teacher. That place was differ from the morning one, it is quite serious and the students there were quite big already. But then, dislikes the environment there, even the air was like stressed. Besides, not really high pay. After that, went to Green Apple kindergarden. They need one teacher too, tomorrow have to interview. The kindergarten is so nice! I bet the pay will be higher but then they only need one, so.... Forget it.

Tomorrow might go the Daycare centre again.
Job Hunting,



Sunday, January 2, 2011


So, today is the second day of 2011. 
It's a new year!
A lot of things are waiting to be done.

Btw, CNY  is in one month time. So, here is our annual routine...

Yes, pluck all the leaves out, let it grow a new 'batch' of leaves and flower for CNY!
Okay, it doesn't look easy at all.
As you see, we have to pluck the leaves downward and gently so that wouldn't break its stem and it can produce flowers. (forced by our gardener, mummy)
And, if you have been to my house, you will know how many pots of this Bonzai we are having in my house. 
I only settle one yesterday and it took me one hour, watching Despicable Me at the same time. *blek*

Look like catching some worms inside.
Yes, everyone will have one. 


PUPPIESSS from dad's office!
There are 8 of them!
Eyes not open yet, crying all the way. =)

Oh ya, tomorrow is the first day of school AGAIN!
And I, do not have to go back to school!!! 
Haha, teasing them who went to school to buy books!