Wednesday, September 29, 2010

54 Days Left.


today had maths exam,
it was quite easy.
I did all the question until last minute,
luckily I checked before I did the extra question.

Planning to cancel my piano class for 3 months,
till SPM over.
But after SPM it's NS's turn.
So add together SIX MONTHS leh!!!
Back from piano lesson just now,
it was quite relaxing, and comforting.
I mean my beloved piano teacher and the songs.
But I really have no time for practice and also my theory.
It's not good to waste three month's fees as I wont learn anything.
But, I am quite sad to stop the class. =(


Monday, September 27, 2010

56 Days to go.

Exam today. It was quite well. As usual, I dont have enough time for my bm essay so everytime I left out some points. *sigh* Should start from the long essay next time.

Okay, nothing to blog and forgot what to blog. That's all.

Pictures of me! =)

Brother's car spoiled last minute when I was about to go tuition!
I was ready to go but then he came down from the car again. (It was raining.)
He said he cant start the engine, I was like WHAT?!
No choice, have to skip tuition.
Took a nap.

I gained ONE kg!! xD


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who is the Winner?

Lee Chong Wei WON!! 

Yes, I support Lee Chong Wei. He may not be as handsome as Lin Dan ( I must admit that. =P) But I just love him!! He is so COOOOOL!! Proud of him because he is a Malaysian too. He is GREAT!! 

I was so nervous when he was playing the game. Actually I was eating, slowly I left my food on the table and watched him playing, and HE WON!!!! So excited jumping around the house and telling everyone that he won. (but nobody bother me as usual!) Haha. In fact, he is one of my favourites! Can put him at the place below Zac Efron. (And maybe he is better than Zac Efron.) Hehe. =)

Oh ya, grandma just told something very funny. She asked me today your friend didn't come eh? I was laughing because even grandma also know her already. (Cham.) Then she said she is quite okay, can introduce to Ah Hing (MY BROTHER). FULAMAK, I was laughing like MAD!! Go upstairs and told my brothers.  HAHAHA, my mum beside was laughing as well. (Not bad leh, my grandma like you leh.) IT'S TOO FUNNY. xD

Tomorrow our trial is gonna start officially, with those subjects that are much relaxing.

Good Luck for everyone! All the best in exam!
57 Days Left.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

58 Days Left.

Okay, today's post will be more on pictures (because LS lazy to talk so much. )

Saturday, skipped school, studied, she came.
Studied all the bm komsas.
Were telling story the whole afternoon.

This is the monster, was playing the GIRAFFE TOY for HALF AN HOUR!!

Exactly like a kid, talking and laughing to herself! xD
( I was really shocked! Seriously. )


So, today was Grandpa's Birthday. We celebrated it in Jinjang.

Checking his cake! xD

(Thanks God for BIG CAKE! ) xD

She is not that tall, trust me.

Yeah, those who always eat.

Low's recipe! Hard process but results were the BEST

Our photographer. You can guess how delicous is the 'mee'! 

Helping nothing but destroying! xD

2+1 = 3 Monkeys!

All the best to you and stay healthy! =)


59 Days left.

Skipped school.
(And I almost forgot today and tomorrow are actually school days. xD )

Dont have to tell what we are doing this few days, of course STUDIED like mad because of the trial. Finally finished Bio today but couldn't remember everything as usual. So sad. Sir and mr.Pang keep reminding us about SPM (indirectly), Sir said is time to revise back everything and Mr. Pang said we can only see him another 5 times. =( Everything is so SAD, NERVOUS, NO TIME LEFT!!!

Another sad thing happened, Grandpa is gonna lose his memory. He is slowly forgetting things that happen like what happen this afternoon. He actually ATE the lo mai gai but he couldn't remember. I saw him searching everywhere, guess that he is hungry so I asked whether have he take his lunch or not, there is a lo mai gai left for him. Then he said dont have lar so I go and check. It was really not there. I asked brother and his friends but they said no too. I was so curious that time so asked my maid too. Guess what? She said: ' Datuk sudah makan kan?' Wah, I opened my eyes big enough and asked her one more time. Nevermind, when I sure he ate it, then here he came and asked me who ate it. I was like...(speechless). How? It was really shocking. =(
God, look after grandpa please. =(

Ready for SPM?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am killed. =(

It is so difficult!
One drop of water can came out as a passage,
and asked so many QUESTIONSSSSSS!!!
Eeeee, I dont like it!
Paper 1 was okay, I mean I wrote lot of nonsense.

Oh ya, check this out.

McFLURRY New Size!
VERY CUTE right??
( It's new size not small size okay?)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Why is everyone talking about FLASHMOB?

The first thing I know about it,
it is a LAME, POINTLESS, CRAZY thing,
that many people will do it together in public area.
- From Pearly Lim.

The second thing I know about it,
it is a a group of people planning to do a ACTION or task,
in the public for....(no reason).
Oh ya, to see people's reaction.
- From Joel Tan.

So from my kor, he said there is this flashmob tomorrow in our school. They are planning to FREEZE for 5 minutes during the last 5 minutes of recess in the tapak perhimpunan. I was like HUH? Freeze there for 5 minutes?! And, he said if I dont wanna join, I can record for them. This is the funniest part, when everyone is gonna freeze there for 5 minutes, what is there so nice to video?! Nothing, I mean nobody is gonna move what. Haha. Then he said too see people's reaction. Okay, honestly this is the first time I heard about FLASHMOB and quite looking forward for it. And when he asked whether I'm joining or not, *PAISEH* I am not going school tomorrow, I mean I already skipped school for TWO DAYS and tomorrow will be the THIRD DAY!! Ish, proud of it pulak. But as I said, stay at home study really works! Hehe.

Yeap, this is the mob thingy I got from photobucket. =)

So, hope to see you guys on the video tomorrow. 
Watch the time guys, only 5 minutes!! 
(Wind will blow it away! xD)


Monday, September 20, 2010

63 Days left.

Yeap Yeap.
Ling Sze in the house!

Skipped school.
And today was great!
I did lot of works and didn't waste my time at all most of the time.
Did a set of addmaths paper and went to tuition.
Planning to study Chinese later and maybe Bio.
Dont know.
Have to see my mood!

63 Days Left.
Time flies!
We seriously dont have much time left my friend,
Yes, YOU!
Use your time wisely or else,
believe me,


Sunday, September 19, 2010

64 Days left.

Wake up quite early today.
But yesterday slept quite late,
because I was so in the mood to blog.

Had breakfast and online.
When I was checking facebook,
suddenly brother reminded me,
about the outing with Mandy in the afternoon,
to discuss about her wedding plan.
I really forgot!
Went to Moe De Cafe,
wanted to take pictures but they were so serious,
so I also shy to camwhore there.
sorry for no pictures to show.

Did some addmaths and some revison.




Woke up quite early today,had breakfast and did some addmaths question since teacher said I have to improve myself. I did two sets of questions to make myself feel secure. God, please help me. =(

At night, this monster came again and had dinner with us.( As usual, she just cant stop teasing me. Ish.) Then, we went to this Lattern Festival near Menjalara because mum was performing there. We went there quite so we missed the Lion Dance. We went there to show support (actually it was us feeling sympathy to mum because she really want us to go and we knew that because she keep asking whether we are going or not) So, we went. Helped mum to take some pictures as well as recorded her performance. Oh ya, met some relative there. Here's some photo.

Some singers who sounds very nice.

there was this Children's lattern competition.

Yes, the one she was holding look exactly like her. =P

Her another same species. =)

Of course,we did try to take pictures and it took us really looooong because of her LAOBEH W995! (HAZEL IS THE BEST!!)

Childhood memories- CANDLES!!

Thanks to the editor! Me! =P

Afterthat, we went for supper at (dont know what kanasai shop, mum told that, xD)

Fighting for the roti tissue!

Best shot!

Playing with the smile detection function in my phone.
*Try not to smile but yet, smiled* =)

Yeap, me and my love! HAZEL!!

P.S : All the NICE PHOTO above is ALL from my HAZEL, not 995!!


Friday, September 17, 2010


Just came back from tuition.
We did one set of add maths question today.
After two weeks holiday and,
didn't revise addmaths,
I forgot how to do.
After teacher checked my paper,
he was shaking his head,
saying Im really WEAK!
and my addmaths getting worse,
He even asked me how many marks I got in midyear,
he was saying that in a very serious tone.
They way he said is really shocking,
And seriously it did HURT me.
I was so sad and worried.
Didn't expect that.
Yeah, I did lot of careless mistake,
like press calculator also press wrong,
sub -1 can write into 1.
Can go and die already.

Now I really have motivation to study.



Thursday, September 16, 2010

1 Malaysia Day

Finally got my phone!
Hazel in RED! =)

Went for badminton this morning with my gang members. Had fun too but I think it will be the last badminton. Can't waste time on badminton anymore! (Maybe once a month? I really like badminton. *sob* ) Okay, after badminton, brother fetch me to buy our (Pearly Lim) lunch.Then sharon and carmen came to my house to play wii. They were exactly like SIAO PO, cutting watermelons!! Haha. I hope they had fun. 

Around 3 something, they went back. Only this sapo staying back to 'do trigo'. Btw, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping me to set up my phone. FIRST TIME download theme leh! (But my phone still the best! Muahaha...)

Somebody was so sad, countdown pulak because she is leaving and said it was the last day. Gonna die meh you? Or curse me gonna die? Ish. Oh ya, better go and let doctor check, keep saying very warm when there was a fan and a aircon in the room. My hand and feet are so cold yet she was complaining she was HOT!


Yeah, today is the first 1 Malaysia Day, memorable huh? xD

Today got no tuition! 

P.S : SPM 67 Days to go!!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

69 Days

First of all, I am NOT and will NOT be next top student.
I promise I will be better, but I don't think till that good lar. *SHY*

Second of all, SORRY for typing STALK instead of STOCK lor.
Okay everyone, the correct spelling is STOCK tau?

Talking about the STOCK, today got no STOCK again. I am lazy to type sad face anymore. But she promised tomorrow can get. Hehe. So tomorrow lor. Tomorrow's plan, mr. piano tuning is coming over to tune my out of tune piano at 1 or 1.30pm. Then I think he will use 1 hour there since my piano is really out of tune already. The E is hard to press, F sounds like... sounds like there is another sound. Haha. After that, have to go to piano class (AGAIN!!). After piano class, go and take my HAZEL!

Went for badminton with Carmen and the gang. It was fun! Maybe I am too active or what, but I really like exercise, I mean badminton! They normally got shocked when they see me playing badminton, because they thought I am like those girlish girlish type, run slow, walk slow, response slow...And seeing me so skinny, they normally look down on me. Of course, I am proud of myself that I am NOT! My badminton skill is NOT expert that type, and maybe compare to the pro one, I am just a fishy. But thanks to my brothers, who are really PRO in badminton. If I have to thanks them, have to thanks my dad who influenced us when we were small, he said he was the President of Badminton Team LAST TIME. ( Yes I know, his size now is quite unbelievable. xD ) Back to the story, after badminton they came to my house to play wii. Must have a look at their excited face but too bad I didn't take a picture of them. 

After they went back, I have half an hour to take a nap but I didn't manage to SLEEP! Because there was this monster sleeping beside me! Hehe, not your fault lar actually. I just not use to share a bed with others. Even I sleep with my mum, I also take a long time to fall asleep. What to do? I started to sleep alone when I moved into this house, it means like 10 years ago. I slept alone for 10 years already, wah scary pun! I told my mum about it, but she teased me said next time how to get married? Ask your husband sleep outside eh? Haha. xD

Seems like I talked too much today. xD

Tuition, dinner, online, blogged.

'Stay away from the 99% who don't and join the 10% who does!'



Yeah... Ling Sze let me write her blog leh...
With the condition that i do not "simply" write out her SECRETS..
woo.. she got a lot of secrets with me..
hehe..  Don't make me angry ar.. If not...............
Recently ling sze is very hardworking...
she even planned a "timetable" to study..
very good girl hor...
SMKTBM next top student>> LING SZE!!!
ask Yen Ping to step aside!!!
Good Girl..
SUCCESS belongs to YOU!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Can't Wait!

Actually dont wanna blog but suddenly have the urge to do so.
Cant leave my blog!!!

Okay, I didn't manage to get my hazel today.
It is sad enough. 
The girls said no stalk,
Have to check again tomorrow.
And I was so excited for my hazel.
Tomorrow going badminton.

'Yes, I like to be SPECIAL! '

En fait, je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je pense que je peux comprendre ce sentiment.Et il est pardonnable à condition de ne pas trop plus. Je pense qu'il devrait contrôler un peu, juste un problème normal quoi. Impossible d'y faire face? Ce n'est pas vous. =)


Sunday, September 12, 2010


71 Days to SPM.

Woke up very moody today.
PMS problem I think.
Studied Bio today. Yes, today is Sunday.
One more week ONLY!
And I had been wasting much time this week.
" Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better."


Oh ya, accidentally saw the word hazel on my toothpaste. 
Is hazel a type of mint or plant? xD

= LS =

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Going For Perfection

Im good girl today. 
Woke up at 9am. =)
Had breakfast with family and went to Tesco.
Mum wanna buy things and we bought new Wii games!
Brothers tried the game but not me, 
have to study more.
nothing to blog.
( better dont tell out your embarrassing part )



Friday, September 10, 2010

All done.

Went to Low Yat just now. Surveyed the phone but finally, didn't manage to buy too. Dad actually planning to buy 4 phones in a row! Scary. 1 of course my Hazel, 1 younger brother's Yari and 2 W995. After checking the details and information, the prices were scary! 3400++ all together. And this few years we couldn't spend so much because we have to save money for our oversea's study expenses.
Therefore, we are back to the plan again. Will only get the phone on monday.

Btw, checked all the phones. I admit that Hazel's outlook is not as good as others but I want the function. Dad suggested me to buy Aino because it is touchscreen since I used to text my friend. But Aino is so big and look stupid! I dont like Aino. VIVAZ IS GREAT!!! Touchscreen phone and its outlook is AWESOME!! But its function is a bit less than Hazel. How? Can I have a Hazel + Vivaz? Havaz? (Yeah, if it exist.)

So I think I will buy Hazel. Black is normal, so I will choose the RED one. First time I sacrifice the outlook for the function. * No mood * =(

P.S : Dont ever suggest me w995 again! Somebody was doing this all these time. I really dont like that phone!



We'll Get the Motivation

'' Be not afraid of going slowly, 
be afraid only of standing still. ''

Woke up at 9am today but went out for badminton with brothers and his friend in starplus. I was exactly like a vase today because they are too pro. We were only busy hiding ourselves from getting shoot from the ball. So embarassing. And for the first time, I spent 4 hours in star plus!!! Ish, that is only I keep rushing brother to go back, if not he will be staying there for dont know how long again. *faint*

After that, went back home and had lunch. This people come and disturb again. Lol, read your blog just now. No need to be so guilty, I admit I couldn't study as much as I could, but everyday also the same lar. Not because of you! And you think I will let you disturb me kah? *Stop being perasan please* Haha, and everyone should have a look at her oreo! Hahaha, classic biscuit it had became. Two biscuit with few layersssss of cream just because she said the cream was too sweet. Haha, I actually took the picture but we better dont post it lar, I respect people one, unlike 'somebody'. Haha.

Then, went to the shop to ask the phone just now. If we order now can only get on monday. So, decided to order on monday. But then, mum said dad gonna buy me a phone tomorrow. I asked him, he kept quiet pulak. How o? Eeeeee.....

Okay, forget it. Very angry for my phone now which is nokia 3310. When the battery is low, it dont even have a warning like 'BATTERY LOW' or what, but it straight away off and DIE!! Ish, what kind of phone is this??!!! I miss my phone more and more!!!!

Great, dad just said if cant get nice price here, then no need to go KL, so far and waste time. And I can only get phone on Tuesday. =(



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

75 Days left.

Peaceful and Calm day.

Took a nap just now and the weather was so nice!

I skipped piano! =)

Went for tuition in the morning and sat there for almost 4 hours. Butt pain. And, told brother the wrong time and made him wait for half an hour. SO SORRY!

Have to finish my planning today, thats why took a nap just now. 
Get the motivation Ling Sze, dont forget what you want!!!

For the people that help me in surveying for phone, thank you so much. 
I think Im gonna buy Hazel if the information=price I got is the same. =)

Daddy please?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Holiday Used


This is so cute!!!

Mummy took leave today.
And bought me two new clothes!

Yesterday read Xin Yan's blog.
It was so abstract,
And I dont really know which shes was she refering to.
It is a nice and touching post indeed.
I think I shall do the same thing before we graduate.
If I were to talk about my friends,
I wont not only talking about the good parts,
of course include the bad parts.
But I sure it will be super touching and meaningful.
I should do right?
Just wait for me to draft!

Got whole bunch of junk food left in my room.
And I got ulcer now, thanks to you!

P.S : Should finish what I planned to do yesterday, and I actually forgot tomorrow i got tuition in the morning. Haha...


Monday, September 6, 2010

77 Days left...

Yesterday we had party till 1am, I mean 1am this morning.
My aunties uncles are all drunk because mum keep asking them to drink, i mean dui them to drink. Funny. So after we settle down, is already 1 something if Im not mistaken.
I improved! I finished I glass of red wine and stopped because I felt so hot. Cant stand of the heat. =P

Okay, woke up a little bit late today (promise tomorrow will be earlier) to study.
Plan what to study and what to finish everyday.
After I planned, then only I realise,
So I only have 2 days holidays left exclude what I planned in my timetable.

Felt hyperactive today, dont know why. I think is my hormone imbalance again. Haha.

P.S : Miss her phone so so much!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Phone is on the way!!

4 September 2010.
The second day without phone.
Feel so EMPTY!

But then,
NEW PHONE is on the way!

Dad dont really wanna buy me a good phone. But, I dont care! I will pay for myself then, since I will be using the phone for another 4 years. They will say, 'Buy a cheap one lar, next time only can change what.' Lol. Who is gonna listen to them, next time when you wanna change, they will say your phone is still okay what, nothing spoiled and nothing goes wrong, Why wanna buy a new one? WASTE MONEY!! *End up speechless and you will never fight win*

So, I will buy a new one this time, not gonna listen to them. xD

What I want?
Wi-fi, touchscreen,small in size and the most important can take NICE photo!
Any idea?
After I surveyed, (I only trust Sony Ericsson, sorry) SE's touchscreen phone is too expensive and too pro. I dont think I need those. (VIVAZ is an exception, it's too nice!!) So I decided to give up touchscreen. Wi-fi connection and photography left.

First choice- Hazel
With wi-fi and photography,
dont really like the curve + fat body.
(Will be expensive I think.)

Second choice-C 903

Photography base! (which I love it )
No wi-fi.
A bit weird in shape.

Third choice-Yari

Nice and cool.
No wi-fi. =(

-Can only know the prices by tomorrow-


Friday, September 3, 2010

How 'Memorable'?

Okay, before that...
I am supposed to sound very happy first.

Today is Ms.Khor's Retirement. We dont really know her but since we have a performance. We have to dress up in traditional clothes. TADAH!!



More photos visit my profile.
( Lazy ) =)

Okay, the sad part.
The phone that I have been using for 4 years!!!
Now it is lost!!!
STUPID MORON who stole my phone!!
 or should I said,
thank you for giving me a chance to change my phone
since I take good care of my phone,
so it has no chance to spoil.


What's next?

~ End of the day ~
I would like to thank PEARLY LIM.

For being my photographer today,
and help me the MOST when I lost my phone.
Keep cheering me up and too bad,
let you saw I cried. Haih. xD
I appreciate it & keep it in heart. 


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

82 Days more...

Today is a sad day because school started today. Sad right? xD

Anyway, went to school today. And we were practising the songs for whole day. NICEEEE.... But such a waste of time right? If we stay at home, can use the time to study. But what to do? It's Ms. Tang, we cannot do anything. =(

Today carmen was so funny. She asked us to sit down like what a kindergarden teacher does to the small kids. Haha, yeah we are the small kids. She was like 'Okay everyone sit down, now Im gonna return back your papers to you all.' Haha.. So funny. And she was like ' Lyn, this time exam not really good har, next time must improve tahu?' I was laughing all the way. Thanks god I got 95% for add-maths! Firstly I would like to thank CARMEN HENG as I said for your criticism so that I can improve. Next, thanks shahrul for teaching me. Then, of course my tuition teacher, mr.pang! ( Lol it's just a stupid test, and Im just lucky.)

Got no tuition today. =)
Want to take a nap.

P.S : I will prove that I can and will be better in the future.